Your New Daily Facial Routine

New products!!!  Yep, more!  (I got busy during all of my after-Christmas downtime)  Facial dry brushes, facial toner, facial oil, and jade rollers… to add to our face scrubbies, face mist, and clay face mask!  Here’s my fun (and educational?) breakdown…







My morning routine happens after I drop the middle schooler off at school, during the couple of hours I have to care for the pets, do dishes, prep for dinner, maybe do an HEB curbside pick-up, and get ready for work.  It needs to be quick and easy.  So, I feel everyone can squeeze this in:

1- dry brush
2- splash with warm water (if I’m not showering that morning) or wash with honey in the shower (if I am showering)
3- spray on toner
4- blot on facial oil and pom/yarrow essential oil blend (and smooth it in, using my jade roller)





By the time I force myself to close my laptop at 11:00 at night, I’m exhausted from the day.  So again, this needs to be quick and easy.  Everybody can do this:

1- wash the day away, with face scrubbies and warm water
2- spray on toner
3- blot on facial oil (and smooth in, using jade roller)




So, let me walk through all of these steps and products, one-by-one?




I’m now carrying facial dry brushes!  To flake off dry skin cells, to stimulate blood circulation, to boost lymphatic drainage.  For healthy skin, for a glow!  And these brushes are made with the perfect bristles, that are soft enough for everyday use.

Shop for our facial dry brush here







Soft but scrubby miracle make-up erasers and facial cleaners.  An easy way to clean your face with just warm water.  And crocheted by a local maker, that I partner with!

Shop for our face scrubbies here







New product!!!  Made with a base of just distilled water and witch hazel.  A wonderful astringent with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and pore-reducing properties.  And then, I add to that: lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and tea tree essential oil.  All soothing, healing, antimicrobial, anti-aging.  It smells yummy.  It feels refreshing and cooling.  A few spritzes is an easy addition to your beauty routine.  And it can be carried in your purse, for a soothing, cooling, hydrating pick-me-up any time.

You can snag one here.







Another new product!!!  Made with just a base of jojoba oil and rosehip oil.  A wonderfully moisturizing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging oil.  Perfect for normal and oily skin types, great for acne.  Plus, I added in the same wonderful essential oils that I use in our clay face masks and the new facial tones: lavender, frankincense, and tea tree.

You can grab one here.







This is part of my morning routine, adding two drops with my facial oil.  An extra boost, for help with my developing fine lines, for a youthful appearance.

doTERRA has a wonderful blog post here, describing this wonderful blend: “Yarrow|Pom Oil Uses and Benefits

And you can purchase a bottle here.








And because I want our new facial oil and the yarrow|pom to soak in deeply, I use my jade roller.  For a wonderful, cooling facial massage.  To help my oils soak into my pores.  To reduce inflammation and increase circulation.  I love this article from Glamour: “All the Jade Roller Benefits You’ve Heard are True

You can invest in one here.









This has been my routine for a couple of months.  It’s all been easy and manageable, not time-consuming.  My skin is happy and moisturized, even though it’s been a very cold and drying winter.  I’m thrilled!  And I know you will be too….

THIS can be your new daily face routine!


{And you can always add in our soothing lavender clay face mask once a week, and our wild rose face mist any time}







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