New Product: Shower Bombs!

For a steamy, spa-like, aromatherapy, effervescent shower.  With peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, to help with cough, congestion, and breathing.  For relief during cold, flu, and allergy seasons.

Made with the same base as our bath bombs.  Just tweaked with different essential oils (to focus on a vapor rub-ish aromatherapy experience), a slight adjustment in the amount of coconut oil (to hold them together in the new molds), and made into flat “bombs,” so they don’t roll off in the shower.

I’m going to deconstruct my recipe, and explore my ingredients again.  Sit tight!





The main ingredient that powers a fizzy shower/bath bomb is baking soda.  When the bomb comes into contact with water, the baking soda and citric acid are the ingredients that react.  It’s what makes the bombs so fun!

Baking soda is a very common and versatile item on the grocery shelves.  There is so much you can do with it.  I’ve headed back to One Good Thing’s blog for this post and ideas: “26 Impressively Useful Things You Can Do With Baking Soda

1 freshen carpets
2 erase marks from painted surfaces
3 freshen smelly shoes
4 prevent garbage odors
5 clean grout
6 exfoliate skin gently
7 make washing soda
8 soothe diaper rash
9 dry and deodorize mattress accidents
10 freshen mattresses
11 deodorize smelly drains
12 preserve the color of cooked veggies
13 remove burned food from pots and pans
14 relieve UTI symptoms
15 brighten dingy nails
16 remove carpet stains
17 deodorize food storage containers
18 clean grimy tub jets
19 make extra fluffy omelets
20 “dry clean” stuffed animals
21 clean stained mugs
22 boost your bath water
23 keep flowers fresh
24 wash fresh produce
25 kill insects
26 dishwasher booster





So, like I just said, it’s the baking soda and citric acid that react and create all the fizzy fun from a bath or shower bomb.  But I’ve never used citric acid for another else.  What is it?  What else can it be used for?

I love this article from “Improve Your Cooking With Citric Acid

A sour salt used for cooking, baking, preserving, pickling, cheese-making, and for margarita rims!





This is a versatile item!  It can be used to ease health problems, like soreness and stress.  It can promote sleep.  It’s great for muscle recovery and a detox.  It can reduce pain and swelling.
Which makes it a great addition to our milk bath.  Which is why it’s also the main ingredient in our bath salts.

The Farmers Almanac has a great blog post titled “20 Surprising Uses for Epsom Salt” here, with these making the list:
1 body aches
2 stress relief and sleep aid
3 healthy feet
4 constipation relief
5 anti-inflammatory
6 sunburn relief
7 splinter removal
8 exfoliate
9 acne treatment
10 banish blackheads
11 healthy hair
12 moisturizing hand wash
13 cold and flu relief
14 poison ivy relief
15 bug bite relief
16 washing pots and pans
17 grout cleaner
18 washing machine cleaner
19 in the yard and garden
20 healthier plants





I turned to One Good Thing again, for fun cornstarch uses, with their blog post: “13 Uses for Cornstarch That Go Way Beyond Cooking.”

1 thickening agent
2 fluffier omelets
3 soothe skin irritation
4 deodorant
5 untying knots
6 matte nail polish
7 clean your playing cards
8 dry shampoo (I make the powder version.  And I add cocoa powder, due to my dark hair.)
9 freshen musty books
10 spray starch
11 polish silver
12 scented milk bath
13 increase grip





Pretty much, one of my favorite things.  A “magic” ingredient, that I’m using in my lip balms, lip scrubs, all-purpose salves, body scrubs, bath bombs, bar soaps, and vapor rubs too.  A hydrating, skin-protecting, moisturizing power house.

And when it’s not in my body products, there are so many other uses for coconut oil.  I love this blog post from Healthline: “29 Clever Uses for Coconut Oil

1 protect your skin from UV rays
2 increase your metabolism
3 cook safely at high temperatures
4 improve your dental health
5 relieve skin irritations and eczema
6 improve brain function
7 make healthy mayonnaise
8 moisturize your skin
9 may help fight infections
10 increase your good HDL cholesterol
11 make sugar-free dark chocolate
12 may reduce belly fat
13 protect your hair from damage
14 decrease hunger and food intake
15 improve wound healing
16 boost bone health
17 make a non-toxic insect repellant
18 combat candida
19 remove stains
20 reduce inflammation
21 natural deodorant
22 quick energy source
23 heal ragged cuticles
24 relieve symptoms of arthritis
25 make your wood furniture shine
26 remove eye make-up
27 improve liver health
28 soothe chapped lips
29 make homemade salad dressing





I’m crazy about peppermint essential oil!  I love smelling our vapor rub, our sweet peppermint bath salts.  The sweet peppermint lip balm is a little bit tingly.  Our sweet peppermint body scrubs are a little bit cooling.  Refreshing!  I’ll apply it to my temples, for headaches.  It’s yummy in the diffuser.  And I’ll mix it with lavender and lemon, to relieve allergy symptoms.  Here’s so much more info:  Always doTERRA’s blog; “Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits

1 freshen your breath
2 use in cooking and smoothies
3 for a pick-me-up boost of energy
4 lotions and scrubs
5 after-sun soothing spray
6 for an energizing and calming aroma in a room
7 add to desserts- peppermint black bean brownies?!
8 ward off insects in your home
9 keep you awake, aware, and attentive





Peppermint and eucalyptus is one of my favorite essential oil combinations!  It’s what I pair together for my vapor rub.  Now it’s our shower bomb combo.  And eucalyptus is becoming really common for the shower.  Have you seen all the adds for hanging eucalyptus bunches from your shower head?!  It creates such a wonderful aroma, with your hot water.  I’m not surprised it’s gaining popularity.  I’m actually about to start offering eucalyptus bundles, for this purpose.  But, I also want to offer the power of peppermint/eucalyptus in our new shower bombs.

And I want to share the info on eucalyptus:  doTERRA’s blog post “Eucalyptus Oil Uses and Benefits

1 all-purpose spray
2 invigorating shower
3 relaxing aromatherapy
4 add a drop to your favorite lotion or moisturizer
5 inhale, for a calming yet invigorating boost
6 add to your massage oil
7 use to invigorate, soothe, and uplift
8 incorporate into your yoga routine




So, answer me this: Would you be interested in fresh eucalyptus branches, to hang in your shower?  Or are you excited about the new shower bombs?  Are those good enough?



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