My Morning Routine

A peek into my morning routine:
I now get up-and-at-’em, with a walk all around Boerne’s trails and Main Street. It’s a great way to start the day, with exercise, and music or an inspiring/informative podcast. After gaining a ton of weight throughout the stress of covid, I am needing this movement!
If you’re the heaviest you’ve ever been, you’re not alone.  I feel you.  And I encourage you to get moving too.  Let’s do this!
And if you’re looking for something to listen to on your walks, here’s what I shuffle through:
my Pandora station (it’s a WIDE variety of decades and genres)
Moms of Boerne podcast
Boutique Chat podcast
Goal Digger podcast
The Christy Wright Show podcast

When I get home, I’m starving. So I whip up an Herbalife healthy meal nutritional shake. This is always with their dutch chocolate powder, which I blend with HEB’s almond milk and other additives. Half a banana adds extra vitamins and minerals, a little bit of homemade chocolate syrup adds richness, a couple scoops of HEB’s unsalted peanuts adds YUM, and Perfect Supplements’ collagen for healthy hair, nails, and skin.
Want links to any of these items mentioned above?
Herbalife shake powders
HEB’s almond milk
HEB’s roasted, unsalted peanuts (Which you can easily make into peanut butter too!)
Perfect Supplements’ collagen powder
and Everyday Annie’s DIY Chocolate Syrup recipe

Before my shower, I use my facial dry brush. Something else to get my circulatory and lymphatic systems going. Plus, it helps exfoliate, leaving room for newer skin cells. I want to glow!
It’s easy to purchase our facial dry brush.  Head here.
And for a video on how I’m using it…

During my shower, I use local honey to wash my face. Yep. It has wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It cleanses and moisturizes.
doTERRA’s shampoo and conditioner for my hair.
And my From Scratch Farm bar soap (always spicy cinnamon!), in our exfoliating soap pouch, to get clean.
If I want an even better exfoliation any particular day, I’ll use my From Scratch Farm body scrub before soaping up.
Let’s get your products changed over to non-toxic ones.  And let’s get your skin and hair in the best shape ever:
You can shop for doTERRA’s shampoo and conditioner from my link here.
Shop here for my bar soap.
Here for our exfoliating soap pouch.
Here for my body scrub.

And after my shower is when my From Scratch Farm facial products come into play.
I spray my facial toner all over my face and neck. For cleansing and pore-reducing properties. It’s refreshing, soothing to my skin and soul.
And then I apply my facial oil with just a couple drops of doTERRA’s yarrow|pom essential oil. To moisturize and pamper my skin. For anti-aging properties.  I’ll use my jade roller to apply my oil better, and to reduce puffiness.
Click here for my facial toner.
Here for my facial oil.
And here for doTERRA‘s yarrow|pom.
Plus, here for our jade roller.

I brush my teeth with doTERRA’s naturally whitening OnGuard toothpaste. Swish with their OnGuard mouthwash.
Again, here’s the link to doTERRA’s website.

Make-up’s next.
My mascara and lipstick are still CoverGirl. Because the mascara is waterproof, never runs. And their outlast lip color stays put, doesn’t wipe off until the end of the day. You can’t beat that!
But for everything else, I’ve moved to as natural as I can. I use Ilia’s tinted sunscreen for my face, their concealer, and their eyeshadow. Wonderful products, that I can feel safe using.
HEB is where I get my lash blast waterproof volume mascara and my outlast all-day lip color.
And here’s Ilia’s website, for every other piece of my make-up routine.  Clean, natural, non-toxic!

And then I pack my lunch, water, and vitamins… and head out the door.  Vitamins are doTERRA’s vitality pack (three different capsules).  And I use their probiotic also.  Keeping up my defenses, trying to make sure I’m getting the oils and minerals I need, and watching my gut health.
All of this is on doTERRA’s website too.

So….. the one thing that’s part of my routine (and is a big toxin culprit) is my deodorant/antiperspirant.  Most deodorants are filled with chemicals.  I’m definitely intimidated by formulating, making, and testing my own.  Will it even work well?!  It HAS to work in this Texas heat!
Until I muster up the courage, do you have a natural deodorant that you’re using and loving???


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