Our Business Highlighted (the San Antonio Magazine)

I had been following the San Antonio Magazine on instagram for a few months when I decided to sign up for a two-year subscription.  Just two weeks after putting in my order, I get an e-mail.  The ladies over at Alamo City Moms Blog had recommended my products again!  And the magazine wanted to feature us in a Mother’s Day gift guide section.  I was totally honored, on board, and willing to drive our products to their office.

When I got to the office, I was offered a seat.  And Allison began asking me all sorts of questions.  (I totally got nervous when she began typing)

Next thing I knew, the issue showed up in our mailbox as we were rushing to an event.  I threw it to Evan so I could keep driving.  I asked him to flip through, to find any glimpse of our jars.  And then there was screaming and squealing from the backseat, as he showed me the full-page picture in my rearview mirror!!!



Can’t express our excitement over this!  Just another big THANK YOU to the magazine for the support and highlight!

{link to the page}

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