Our Business Highlighted (The Social Butterfly Gal)

My favorite highlight so far was a little collaboration between us and The Social Butterfly Gal!

It was so fun to meet up with Christina for lunch, get to know her.  She constantly updated me as she was using our products.  She gave a couple of sneak-peaks as she was leading up to her blog post and giveaway.  And then she unveiled it all.  So much fun!

{blog post is here}


2 thoughts on “Our Business Highlighted (The Social Butterfly Gal)”

  1. I’m sitting here, trying to do some mini-blogs of everything that has happened since November. (after all these little posts… I’m going to try to blog for real) Can’t believe you found this post already!!!

    Hope to see you again soon, Christina!

    And hope we can get some extra visitors to http://www.thesocialbutterflygal.net !

  2. A fun post to do and I’m so happy everything came out amazing! Thank you for sharing this on your blog! It was fantastic!

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