4-H Chicken Fun Show

Our brave, fearless, and crazy 4-H poultry project leader attempted her own chicken show for us… and succeeded!!!

The kids got to practice their showmanship skills.  They showed their chickens.  There was a cutest chick contest.  Our eggs competed!  😉  The kids got to dress up their chickens for a costume contest (just look how cute Ms. O is in her military tutu, to match Ben war museum shirt… and cute how Brownie is in her 4-H tutu, to match Evan’s 4-H-themed clothes!).  And there was an egg race and egg toss.  So fun!!!


The boys were excited that Ms. O won 1st place for her breed!  And we were thrilled that our eggs were one of the prettiest plates in the whole place, deserving of a ribbon and cute trophy!



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