Our Business Highlighted (Vendors of the World)

I loved being contacted by Vendors of the World!  I loved being asked to be featured.  I love that their mission is to share the stories of the faces behind small businesses everywhere.  Brilliant!  And so appreciated!

After learning a little bit more about me, their caption with my feature read:

I am Amy Bierstedt from Boerne, Texas, the founder of @thefromscratchchick and I am a #vendoroftheworld.
I am most afraid of failing. Not raising wonderful young gentlemen, to send out into the world. Not being successful and able to make ends meet. Not being able to make it on my own. Not making this world a little bit better by being in it.
I’m a mom. I’m a children’s photographer. I’m a maker. Those three hats are tough to juggle. But I’m trying to do it with humor, professionalism, strength, joy, and grace. I’m focusing our lives on using better products, helping our community, being kind, eating well, and traveling often. I live a pretty stressed and blessed life.
I created National Handmade Day!!!!!! It’s going to be celebrated in the United States on the first Saturday of April every year!



To view my feature (and all of the other wonderful businesses featured), visit Vendors of the World’s instagram page!!!


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