Our Business Highlighted (Texas Hill Country Culture Magazine)

It was really fun to be interviewed for the first time!  But it took me forever to see the final product!



In early March, the very sweet Nancy Foster, came out to the shop to visit for a while.  She got the quick tour of the shop.  And she snapped a pic of awkward me.

Then, not only did I have to wait until the May issue was published, I also had to find a time that I could drive out to Kerrville to pick up some copies.

Happily, in that time that it took to get my hands on the article, a few different shoppers stopped by because of our feature!  🙂


All in all, I am SO appreciative that we were highlighted in their ‘Hill Country Made’ section… and we loved the article!  I felt that it really told our story and well expressed the philosophy behind our business.  Loved that she got a great picture of me.  And Evan was SO excited that he was mentioned as my helper!!!


(We’ve got lots of copies in our shop entryway, if you’d like to grab a copy!)








Online edition is here!

6 thoughts on “Our Business Highlighted (Texas Hill Country Culture Magazine)”

    1. Thank you! So exciting! And it was so cool to hear people come in because of the article… before I ever even got to see it!!!

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