TRAVEL TEXAS (Krause Springs)

Next up, we were on a trip that I planned special for Mother’s Day weekend.  For this, I had to hurry and buy a tent (yep, camper was still far from being ready).  And Ben packed up his own little, personal tent.  We were on the road on Friday.

This trip was to Krause Springs, which a friend had been telling me about for the past year.

We arrived around dinner time, set up camp, drove down the road to grab some bbq, and then walked the gorgeous grounds.





Ben taught me how to use a camp stove, as he cooked up sausages on Saturday morning.  Served those up with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  The boys spent hours with their Lego guys and green army men (and photographing them for upcoming photo competitions).  And then Evan and I spent all day in the water.


Both the rock swimming pool and the gorgeous swimming hole are fed by the springs, so they were both a chilly 68-degrees.  But totally refreshing from the Texas heat.  Evan loved the pool.  He swam around, quite a bit, with his mask and snorkel.  I took a dive or two of the diving board.  And we spent most of the day in natural pool, a gorgeous swimming hole, with waterfalls, lush plants, and picture-perfect spots.  I swam all over the area, pulling Evan around in his tube.





It was beautiful.  It was dreamy.  But I just couldn’t spend another night in a hot tent.  So I cooked up spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and then we packed up camp.  It was nice to be back in my own bed on Saturday night, waking up on Mother’s Day to make a huge brunch for us.  Perfect weekend!


For more info or to make your reservations….

Krause Springs

Go explore!  And have a great time, as you TRAVEL TEXAS!

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