Our Products Went to Camp! (Camp Well)

So, there was an inspirational and uplifting four-day camp in Fredericksburg last month.  And our body scrubs and healing salves attended!  😉



Camp Well is described as:

“Camp Well will be four days of the perfect balance of workshops, breakout sessions, one on one mentor sessions, an outdoor experiences that will be the catalyst for:

  • Reflecting on our gifts & identity and shedding fear and distractions
  • Refocusing our values and priorities
  • Resetting our goals with strategy
  • Resting from the busy and overwhelm
  • Rejoicing in the Lord’s authorship of it all, lots of laughs, late night chats and wine of course


the woman who needs a break from the busy to rest and refocus on the big dreams she has in life, ministry and/or business. It’s the perfect experience for:

  • The overwhelmed dreamer who doesn’t know where to start
  • The weary doer who needs rest and balance
  • The inspired servant who wants to start a non-profit
  • The high functioning leader who needs to be reminded of their “why”
  • The lonely mom who has lost her identity
  • The passionate single ready to dream big
  • The ambitious professional balancing career and dreams
  • The busy business owner who needs to reset her strategies and find answers to questions”



I watched as they posted pictures on instagram of their swag bags (which included our products), the beautifully-set tables for meals, their margarita bar, their outing to Enchanted Rock, and pictures of their wonderful speakers.  I followed along as the ladies ate, hiked, socialized, dreamed, prayed, supported one another, and enjoyed their stay at Fredericksburg’s Hoffman Haus.  It was obviously the perfect place for dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs!



It definitely seemed like the place to be for making connections, finding inspiration, for dreaming and doing, for relaxation and unplugging.



Thankful to the ladies that let me be a part of this.  And hoping everyone loved the swag bags… especially our products.




Want to know more about Camp Well?






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