There’s An Oil For That!!!

Is there really, you may ask?  I think so!  At least, for our day-to-day needs!


I’ll start with how I discovered essential oils.  It was during my “googling” several years ago, to learn more about raising chickens, collecting rainwater, and making homemade body products.  Along with many articles I found, I was also finding posts about the benefits of essential oils.  After lots of research, I quickly made the decision to try out the best (doTERRA)… and try out some of their most useful (to me) varieties.

We use them in our products, in diffusers, topically, internally.  Seriously, all the uses!


The oils I LOVE, but currently only use them in our products:


Melaleuca (Tea Tree)



Can’t live without single oils:

Lavender- a sweet, refreshing scent; calming and relaxing effects


Peppermint- a minty, refreshing scent; cooling, awakening; freshens breath, eases breathing, can settle an upset stomach

(I add peppermint to our lavender healing salve, to cool and relieve sunburn)


Lemon- zesty, citrus scent; cleansing and uplifting effects


(Combining the lavender, peppermint, and lemon makes for fantastic allergy relief)


Grapefruit- fresh, sweet scent; cleansing and invigorating


My favorite oil blends:

Deep Blue- earthy, minty scent; soothing and cooling

On Guard- spicy, citrus scent; supports healthy immune function


InTune- spicy, refreshing scent; enhances the senses and sustains focus


DigestZen- gingery, minty scent; aids in food digestion and soothes upset stomach


PastTense- minty scent; can calm tension and stress, can ease headaches

Purify- earthy, citrus scent; refreshes, replaces unpleasant odors, clears the air


TerraShield- strong woodsy scent; an effective, natural barrier against nature’s pests



But, of course, there are SO many more!  And I hear, there are several that people are crazy about that I don’t even own yet!

If you would like to know more about the doTERRA company or about essential oils, you can get lots of help on their site and social media platforms.




If you’d like some local Boerne help, answers, or support, I am available any time during my shop hours- Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays noon to 6:00.

And if you’d like to join us for our very first essential oils class, we would love to have you!

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