TRAVEL TEXAS (Son’s Island)

I had fallen in love with the place just through photos on instagram.  So I couldn’t wait to go.  Made reservations for Mother’s Day, invited my parents, and planned the weekend.


The island is a 3.5 acre island in the middle of Lake Placid in Seguin.  An easy-access spot right off of I-10, you get to the island by driving over a one-lane wooden bridge, check into your reservation, unload your items at your spot, and park in the lot.


Starting with the small details, your private cabana is a little piece of paradise.  Each one has a great bar and bar stools, lots of seating, a table, a ceiling fan, electrical outlets, a hose and nozzle, a bar-b-q pit, and a picnic table.  The cabanas that are built on decks have two hammock swings.  The cabanas on the land have one hammock… and then they have their own little deck over the water.


The big details make the place even cuter.  There’s comfy grass everywhere, surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and large cypress and pecan trees.  The water is clean and cool.  There is a floating trampoline, a large slide, and rope swings.  There is a sand volleyball court.  They have kayak and paddleboard rentals.  There are even tents and two Airstreams that you can rent if you want to stay overnight



Our experience was awesome.  The boys and I arrived and got settled in just before my parents got there.  In no time, they were riding bikes while we adults bar-b-q’d.  After a delicious lunch of bacon-wrapped shrimp, fish tacos, veggies, watermelon, and apple pie, we spent the afternoon kayaking around the island over and over again (we even pulled Ben behind the kayak in our donut inner tube a couple of times).  😉  The kids had a blast with their water guns and bike riding.  We all enjoyed the gorgeous weather and the great company.  Is was an amazing Mother’s Day!!!!!!



I left happy, I got “thank yous” on the way home, and we got some fun pictures and memories!  So we’re giving it a big thumbs up… and a “we want to go back!” rating.  Loved this trip!


Some things to know?

You have to rent the cabana in advance of your trip.  You can easily do so on their website.  (Rates are for 8 guests.  You can have up to 12 people at your cabana, but those extras must pay an entrance fee.)  And at that time, you can also rent your kayak or paddleboard for the day (so that it’s waiting at your deck the minute you arrive).  Rates were pretty high for this single mom.  But the amenities were fantastic.  And every penny was worth the fun we had.  You can bring your own boat or jet ski.  You can bring your fishing gear too.  Don’t forget your usual camping gear- towels, charcoal, lighter fluid, ice, food and drinks, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.


Want to know more?  Get questions asked?  Ready to book?




Whether you travel there from near or far… hope you love it… and hope you’re always having fun when you TRAVEL TEXAS!!!!!!

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