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From Scratch Farm

"Oh my goodness!!!  I never buy things like this, but in a moment of anxiety, I hit the buy button.  Wow, I LOVE YOUR STUFF!  And all the happy messages you sent along the way were really phenomenal!  When the world comes back, I'll find your shop and fulfill my grownup Christmas list!!!  Great job, and again, you will never know what a difference you've made.  It's so much more than the soaps.  For real." -Gayle Bellomy

"This little jar of liquid gold [the all-purpose salve] has helped my granddaughter's eczema so much!  It's the best!" -Debra Brake

“We have jars of the salve in all of our bathrooms and one by my bed, my family is convinced it cures anything. We love it and I always tell people about it. You have a great product!” -Candice Curry

"During my first pregnancy I used the All Purpose Salve every night before bed on my (growing) belly and I truly believe it's the reason I had NO stretch marks! My mom friends couldn't believe it! I ordered a new jar today for baby #2!" -Beth Legge

“These are farm fresh/organic, cool products and ideas gone savvy chic… created by (I so want to be like her) Amy Anderson herself.  I am confidently coining her as the Hill Country Martha Stewart!  Very impressive as she additionally teaches her children the importance of all the finer things in life for our world and our bodies.” -Heather Howard

“The return to handmaking our own products and being able to know without any doubt that the ingredients are tried and true and non-toxic provides a peace of mind hard to measure.” -Ron Eckert

“I can already tell a difference after using the homemade healing salve one time.  LUV it!!!” -Jennifer Hattaway

“Awesome products I can feel good about sharing with the entire family.  Thank you for such delightful scents and quality ingredients.  Truly made with love!” -Melissa Caughey, Tilly’s Nest

“I recently tried several From Scratch Farm products.  I am always hesitant to try new skin products, as my skin is very sensitive.  However, when I saw the ingredients she uses, I knew I would have no problem… and I was right.  I highly recommend their products and will definitely use them again.” -Renee Nevitt

“Love the way my lips feel after using the lip balm.  Not too minty, and stays on nicely.  My lips don’t feel like sandpaper any more!!” -Mandy Buckelew

“Loving the chapsticks and the salve.” -Melanie Nauman

“Love the lip balm… the body scrub is great.  And, of course I love [From Scratch Farm’s] website, mission, packaging, etc.  It’s all very unique…” -Lindsey Toth, Voges Veggies

“I just used a few of your products and I am a HAPPY girl!
[Peppermint Chapstick]-  FANTASTIC.  It’s not too greasy, but not too thick, and it actually stays on.  It’s nice.
[Lemon Sugar Scrub]- Oh my gosh, AMAZING.  What’s nice about it is that it does the exfoliating AND moisturizing at the same time.  Lots of scrubs only exfoliate so you’re better able to absorb moisture, but this is better.  The scent – PERFECT.  Do not change it!  It’s like you just walked past a plate of cooling lemon bars on the kitchen counter.
[Rosemary Tea Tree Healing Salve]- The feel – So nice : )  Scent – PERFECT.  It was heavenly.  It was natural and soft.  And the scent lingers, which is pleasant. ” -Laura Bierstedt

 “I love the body scrub.  It worked great on my hands after I planted our fall garden.  I don’t wear gloves when I plant so it’s hard to get my hands clean.  Loved the scrub for that.  But my favorite was the Healing Salve!  I put it on the heels of my feet then put on socks & sneakers for my walk every morning.  Great stuff!  Works fantastic and love the lavender & vanilla smell.” -Debbie Anderson

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