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From Scratch Farm

Welcome to my little handmade biz in Boerne, Texas!

Thank you for stopping by… and thank you for considering/choosing my products for some of your green home, bath, body, and skincare needs.


About the biz:

I strive to make products that care for you and your home, made with the most natural and simple ingredients I can find.  And provide other products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and better for our Mother Earth. 

I hope these items change the way you look at beauty products, how your skin feels, and how healthy your home is.


About me:

I'm a single mom of two boys.  Also a pet mom to a hen and a parrot.  That doesn't keep me busy enough.  😉  So I'm also the maker, owner, CEO, developer, tester, photographer, web designer, labeler, cashier, social media manager, and more for From Scratch Farm!  (as well as all those things *and director* of our store Handmade on Main)

To say that my life is insane is an understatement.  But it's also fun, wonderful, exciting, fulfilling, and so blessed!

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