We’ve Got Spirit! Yes We Do! {Back To School Guide}

We’re not ready for the school year to start!  But here we go!

Whenever your school year begins, think of us for awesome goodies for the kids, teacher gifts, and school spirit items…

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Hey there Awesome Teachers! Get ready to style your new school year with our one-of-a-kind handmade teacher items made by me, a local teacher. As I know you’re preparing and getting ready to set up your classroom, creating new lesson plans, and looking for new stylish teacher outfits, come out and check all the newest teacher inventory here at Handmade on Main, such as:

🍎Texas Teacher Shirts (Now in COLOR 🥳) $30

🍎Teacher Planner Stickers $3

🍎Teacher Pens and Keychains $8-$15

🍎Teacher Vinyl Stickers $5

Get your TEACH ON this school year!

~From one teacher to another, I wish you all an amazing school year! 🍎✏️🥰





Want to gift and pamper your kids’ teachers? Provide them with a luxurious bath, or something for self-care Sunday? Feel the need to give them something practical and useful? I have lots of products for that! Bath salts, milk baths, lip balms, hand sanitizers, face mists, and more.
But I’d love to highlight what I think every teacher should have on their desk.
I imagine they’re washing their hands several times a day, using hand sanitizer dozens of times a day. That can be brutal on our skin! So let’s put a natural, non-toxic, soothing, moisturizing, healing gift that’s made right here in Boerne!

One choice is my all-purpose salve. It’s a thick balm, made with just four ingredients (beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils). A little goes a long way (and too much can be greasy), so these little anti-bacterial powerhouse jars last forever. $16.

Or you can go with my plain-Jane (because it’s just lotion) but totally awesome (because it’s solid) lotion bars. These are made with just five ingredients (beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils). One option is the tin, that can go in your purse or travel with you. The other is a bar, which can sit out on a soap dish. All you have to do is warm and melt the beeswax with your body heat, and use it just like lotion. $12

Or give her luxury. With my body butter. These have a longer ingredients list (coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, cornstarch, essential oil). And are more susceptible to temperature and conditions. But these heavenly, moisturizing, lush, whipped clouds are an amazing way to hydrate. $20






It’s back to school time! This is BK Designs specialty! Being a former school nurse, she know what the teachers like (and request!). From tumblers, or refillable pens, to glitter staplers, BKDesigns has it all! Grab all your back-to-school gifts now or stock up on gifts for the future!





*New* Cute little energy healing apple crystals to boost positive energy. Great gift idea for teachers that can easily fit on a desk without taking up too much space. To serve as a reminder to take one day at a time and that they are also cared about.
At $4, give a gift that will be cherished for years to come.





How is it already time to go back to school? This summer flew by! And I spent most of it painting! I am a new maker to the shop and hope you enjoy my items. I have coaster sets, small canvasses, and vases. Every thing is acrylic pour painted. Everyone has different tastes and I feel confident that you can find one (or two) that spark your interest. The coaster sets function as coasters that are heat resistant but also make fun gifts – pair them with some cute glasses, coffee cups or a favorite drink. They are great to have on hand for hostess and birthday gifts that catch you by surprise.You can also add them to any room for a pop of color. Most pieces have lots of sparkle and bright colors. My items are all completely one of a kind and make fun conversation pieces. As far as school goes we are a college divided family. Right now I have a set available that is orange and white that my kids named “University”. I also have made several sets with maroon but every time someone from the other school comes to the house they get adopted. They have been really popular with the college kids. And what teacher doesn’t need something pretty as well as useful on their desk? I am happy to make custom colors, I just can’t reproduce designs. There is a little bit of magic that happens when creating. Maybe it is because I have a little pixie in my paint.





Gift your favorite teacher an apple as a big thank you for all she does! Or how about a pair of apple studs instead? These are handmade out of polymer clay with stainless studs.

Just $14.




Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong! I’m sure your kids and any teacher would feel the love from any of these gifts.

So come on into the shop, 347 North Main Street, next to Klein Smokehaus. Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 5pm.

Or shop online. You can reserve these items, to be picked up from the shop at your convenience. I can deliver right to your door or to the school. And we can ship.



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