We’ve Got Spirit! Yes We Do! {Back to School Guide}

I wasn’t ready for the school year to start today!

We didn’t get a vacation.  I had constant shop hours and a few markets.  I hurt my elbow, so I only got to kayak the one time.  It was so hot!  Gardening and walking took up most of my extra hours.  I never even made it to the movies (I bet I’m the only one that hasn’t seen the new Top Gun).  My toes haven’t touched the sand; salty seabreeze hasn’t blown through my hair.  We didn’t even brave the heat to use our SeaWorld passes.  Luckily for my son, he did have a couple of computer coding camps, and he had one week at Camp Granmom.

But there it is.  The first day of school was here in the blink of an eye.

We hope all of the Boerne ISD kids had a great first day.  And we hope all of the surrounding area kiddos have a great day too, when they start.


Whenever your school year begins, think of us for awesome teacher gifts and school spirit items…

{you can click each pic, to be taken straight to each maker’s collection on our website}





Celebrate your little one’s first days of school with a “Back to School Jar”. These cute jars include our homemade play dough, some pom poms, an adorable wooden pencil cutout that can be use as stamp, erasers, paper straw and a pipe cleaner. We have two themes, letters and numbers! What a perfect way to start the school year with a sweet playing sensory session for your little one!

Back to School Jar: $8.50






It’s BACK TO SCHOOL month and we have the perfect gift for our FABULOUS TEACHERS!

Teachers, get ready to show off your teaching skills with our waterproof vinyl, dishwasher safe, and UV-resistant stickers that are perfect for your tumbler, laptop cover, notebook, phone cover, and more. Each sticker is one of a kind and designed by a local teacher herself who wants to make every teacher feel loved and appreciated for all their hard work! Some of our stickers include Music, P.E. Science, Drama, Math, ESL, Texas Teachers, and more. By the way, be sure to grab a Boerne sticker to add to your collection!

We also have a unique Texas Teacher T-Shirt for our teachers to fit their outfit perfectly, especially when it’s a jean day on school spirit day! 🙂

All of our Vinyl Stickers are $5 each and our Texas Teacher T-Shirts are $25

Teachers, have the BEST SCHOOL YEAR and Thank you for all you do!






“This Year is Going to be Sweet”

A beautiful hand lettered note to accompany Doubleside Toffee treats for teachers, administrators, coaches, etc!  $1 each.






How about some Texas love for our Texas teachers? I know, as a mom, I am so thankful for everything my kids’ teachers do. Educating them, loving them, celebrating them, and guiding them are all done in a day! Show your teacher some love with a simple pair of Texas studs. If you’d like a specific color to match school spirit, please let @everclayshoppe know!






Want to gift and pamper your kids’ teachers?  Provide them with a luxurious bath, or something for self-care Sunday?  Feel the need to give them something practical and useful?  I have lots of products for that!  Bath salts, milk baths, lip balms, hand sanitizers, face mists, and more.
But I’d love to highlight what I think every teacher should have on their desk.
I imagine they’re washing their hands several times a day, using hand sanitizer dozens of times a day.  That can be brutal on our skin!  So let’s put a natural, non-toxic, soothing, moisturizing, healing gift that’s made right here in Boerne!

One choice is my all-purpose salve.  It’s a thick balm, made with just four ingredients (beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils).  A little goes a long way (and too much can be greasy), so these little anti-bacterial powerhouse jars last forever.  $16.

Or you can go with my plain-Jane (because it’s just lotion) but totally awesome (because it’s solid) lotion bars.  These are made with just five ingredients (beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils).  One option is the tin, that can go in your purse or travel with you.  The other is a bar, which can sit out on a soap dish.  All you have to do is warm and melt the beeswax with your body heat, and use it just like lotion.  $12

Or give her luxury.  With my body butter.  These have a longer ingredients list (coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, cornstarch, essential oil).  And are more susceptible to temperature and conditions.  But these heavenly, moisturizing, lush, whipped clouds are an amazing way to hydrate.  $20





Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong!  I’m sure any teacher would feel the love from any of these gifts.

So come on into the shop, 347 North Main Street, next to Klein Smokehaus.  Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 5pm.

Or shop online.  You can reserve these items, to be picked up from the shop at your convenience.  I can deliver right to your door or to the school.  And we can ship.


(And check out Paisley Charm Creations, for some awesome school spirit items!)

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