Let’s Save This Planet!

Even the smallest changes to your everyday habits can make a difference.  A tweak to your purchases can make a difference.  Fun and creative upcycling can make a difference.  Planting a tree can make a difference.  Recycling can make a difference.  Every drop in the bucket makes a difference!

>We only have one planet<

We can do better…





This is high school Amy.  You can’t see all of the posters plastered on my bedroom wall.  But here’s a peek.  At all of the Ziggy, save the planet, save the whales things that surrounded me.  No boy bands.  No Hollywood heartthrobs.  I was passionate about this one thing.

And I was going to become a marine biologist.  Then other things got in the way.



But when I started a family, my priorities changed again.  No more processed foods.  I could do so much better by my kids.  So I learned to really cook.  And then when we moved to our land (whoa!), I pivoted again.  Starting a garden, raising chickens, catching rainwater.  Discovering essential oils.  And researching what was in our products.  All so eye-opening!

That’s how From Scratch Farm started.  And I’ve spent the last nine years getting toxins out of our home, by creating the products myself, with careful formulation and packaging considerations.

And????  What does that mean for you and the environment?

1 I’m using some amazing ingredients.  Doing my best to source natural, ethical, organic, quality ingredients.  That means it’s all healthier for you and our planet.  You’re able to pronounce everything on my labels.  There are no hidden toxins, dyes, or fragrances.



2 I’m using little to no packaging, if I can.  Glass, when I can.  Plastic, only as my last choice.  That means so much less is ending up in our landfills!  You can recycle my paper labels, the glass, and plastic.  The big wonderful bonus is that you can return any of the glass jars to me.  I can sterilize and reuse.  This is huge!  And wonderful!



3 An added bonus, I’m able to offer several products as refills at Handmade on Main.  (The distilled water-based ones, or easily pourable ones- room & linen spray, all-purpose cleaner, facial toner, face mist, and hand cleanser)  All you have to do is bring in your old bottle (instead of recycling), and I’ll refill on the spot.  Fantastic for the planet!  But also, great for your pocketbook.  These refills will save you money, over purchasing a new bottle.  Win-win!






Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products perceived to be of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value.
Crazy Plant Lovee will upcycle anything into a planter! Check out this fun project you can do at home.

DIY upcycled soda bottle cat planter

Empty soda bottle
Acrylic paint
Paint pen
Permanent marker
Potting soil

1. Remove the label from your soda bottle, scraping off all the sticky residue.

2. Draw a cat shape on the bottle with a dry erase marker.



3. Poke a slit in the bottle, then cut out the animal with scissors. Optional: Use the box cutter or scissors to create small drainage holes on the bottom of the bottle.

4. Cover the bottle with acrylic paint, then let dry.

5. Create your animal’s face with paint pens and permanent markers.



6. Let your bottle planter dry completely.

7. Pot your plant with high quality potting soil.

8. Enjoy!





As a fine jewelry brand, Botanical for Life resin jewelry looks at sustainability as an ongoing, foundationalism process that includes the material used, the suppliers, and the values and culture we strive to build our knowledge and the communities such as the “Handmade on Main” shop we operate within.
When one hears the term ethical jewelry, we believe these are the core building blocks to our growth.
We have practiced these values since launching our fine jewelry as of last year in 2021. Viewing sustainability as a journey of continuous improvement by always asking ourselves, how can we be better today than yesterday?
We use resin that is biodegradable after a length of time under direct sunlight as the resin returns back into its original state and the flowers within each piece are given back to the Earth as each flower within each piece is real and naturally dried. We are interested in the idea of preserving wildlife plants and giving them a new narrative in which people can resonate with in different ways.
A guiding principle we follow in working with natural material is always to contribute more than we take. Selected flower is cute for pressing, leaving the rest of the plant to continue growing and providing for the local wildlife. If foraging from the wild, I collect only a small number of specimens from abundant species, being careful to cause as little disturbance to the environment as possible. We also try to use as little as possible with non-degradable materials that allows the pieces to be functional but we are striving each day to become more and more eco-friendly.






And while we’re talking eco-friendly, upcycling, and sustainable.  Let’s include fair trade, green, good, and thrifty practices too.  These are all making a difference for our planet and our people.  And a bunch of these makers and vendors are uniting under one roof tomorrow night, for a market!

Join From Scratch Farm and The Cheerful Roost at the

Saturday, July 9th
7pm to 11pm
Brick, at the Blue Star Arts Complex (San Antonio)
No entry fee
But we’d love for you to rsvp on the facebook invite- https://fb.me/e/2Anj1ysdt



JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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