Voges Veggies

To dive way too deep into the backstory, Lindsey and I became friends while our oldest kiddos were in KinderMusic together.  I’m also the children’s photographer here in Boerne, where she used me to photograph her family… and then later worked for me for a couple of years, doing all of our marketing.

When she came to me one day with the news that she was quitting, in order to follow her dream of becoming a farmer, it was a mix of emotions.  I was mad and sad that she was leaving me as an employee.  And I was worried that I would see her less, thereby losing her friendship.  And I was so proud and excited for her leap of faith, her plan, her ideas, and her mission.

Fast forward to today, Lindsey and Kristi have created an amazing garden and bee community.  They have dirt under their nails, they live in the sunshine and in overalls.  They did their time at the farmers market but no longer have to give up Saturdays for that, because their CSA program is flourishing.



What’s a CSA program?  CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture.  In most cases, the community buys into a weekly basket program.  You get to pick up amazing local, in-season fruits and vegetables.  You possibly even get to take home flowers and herbs, maybe homemade bread or jam.  Fresh eggs too.  You get to visit the farm your food comes from.  You get to know the farmer that you’re purchasing from.  There may be a recipe swap and even a farm-to-table dinner at the end of the season.  There are even many times of the year that you can volunteer with the farm.  Each farm will be different.







My experience with Voges Veggies has been spectacular.  I love having beautiful, fresh flowers on my table every day.  Although I grow plenty of herbs, it’s been helpful to have extras.  Bread from a friend of theirs, a jar of mustang grape jelly that they made themselves, and rhubarb from Lindsey’s dad’s garden have all been fun surprises.  And their usual veggies are always incredibly fresh, beautiful, and tasty (not to mention organic).  Of course, I cry a little when something goes bad because I just couldn’t get around to using it.  But their baskets have pushed me to eat healthier and try new things.  And that’s pretty awesome in my book.

If you’d like a similar experience in your area, just google for a CSA program in your town.  If you’re in Boerne, give Lindsey and Kristi a ring!  Or follow them on facebook!

PS- If I don’t already have a great recipe to use for the veggies, I simply google.  My secret for finding something I’ll actually love, I type in “best <insert whatever veggie I want to use up> recipe.”  And somewhere in the top 10 results is a winner!

















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