The Love Letter Library Part 1

Love is her jam!

I discovered The Love Letter Library’s instagram account at this time last year.  It was in the midst of my separation and my move.  My life was changing; my sons’ worlds were rocked.  It came at the perfect time to lift my spirits, see that beautiful things were happening around me, and give my boys something kind to hear about.



Behind the account, I found that the friendly face was Nicole Ahr.  And she was on a mission to spread love.  Her simple and beautiful cards (and other merchandise) all gave that message.  And I was excited to share it!



I placed my first order… and the kids and I dropped love letters all over the place!

I placed one in an egg carton that was going home with our weekly egg-buyer.  I tucked one away in one of our t-shirts, that a sweet customer was purchasing.  And while Evan and I were picking up Ben from the library, we dropped one on a shelf of cookbooks.



I even added one to a thank you package (with lots of our products and Buc-ee’s goodies) for a dear friend.



Our next series was an outing in San Antonio.  The boys and I had a blast all over the missions trails, the Pearl, and downtown.  And they were very enthusiastic about finding unique places to drop the letters.  One was left at a table at Lick, one at Mission San Juan, and one on the bakery counter of Mi Tierra.



Then (on Random Acts of Kindness Day), Evan and I had fun in HEB.  From the cookie aisle, to the Blue Bell freezer case, to a cereal shelf, the bacon section, and the milk fridge… we left love letters all over the place!



And then we had the opportunity to meet Nicole and join her at her Great Love Drop event.  We left notes all around The Pearl.  And then a couple traveled to the beach with us, where we ended up leaving one at a table at the Island Yogurt Shoppe and on in a window at Landry’s.





I can’t say this enough.  If you are in need of inspiration, if you need something kind for your kids to do, if your child is being bullied (and needs to see good in the world), if you have a big heart, if you need solace from this cruel world, if you simply need a smile…

Take in everything that The Love Letter Library has to offer!  (and tell her I sent you)  😉  Find her on the web, on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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