The Boerne Handmade Market

I started the business during the summer of 2013.  Right away, I signed up for a booth at the Boerne Handmade Market that October.  So you could say, BHM really helped us kick off our business with a bang!

The first market was fun and exhausting.  Since no one had heard of us before, we had lots of talking and explaining to do.  We told the stories of our new chicken journey, how the business was started, how each product is made and used.  Lots of moms sampled.  And as they walked around the market, with the smell of our healing salve on their hands, others took noticed… and headed our way.  It was such a boost.  Self-affirming.  Just totally let me know that the community was looking for something like our natural products!


Boerne Handmade Market From Scratch Farm


Boerne Handmade Market From Scratch Farm


Boerne Handmade Market


We couldn’t attend either of the 2014 markets, but I signed up for the April and October 2015 events as soon as I could.  Despite awful, cold weather at the fall one, we had a blast and lots of sales at both events.


Boerne Handmade Market From Scratch Farm


Boerne Handmade Market From Scratch Farm


For the market this coming Saturday, I have been preparing for a month.  The new t-shirt designs are in.  More postcards are in.  Dozens of body scrubs were mixed.  Hundreds of healing salves were made.  I’m still labeling the hundred or so lip balms.  I created a new product- about a hundred vapor rubs.  And this weekend, I’m making wax melts.  Can’t believe I got all this done!  Can’t believe the market is almost here!

Please mark your calendar… and make plans to attend!

Kendall County Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 29th.  9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Kids under 12 are free.  Everyone else, $5 entry fee.  First 400 shoppers get a free BHM shopping bag.

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  1. We are SO excited to have you back. And I personally can’t wait to try the vapor rub and wax melt (I love a wax melt!) See you this weekend!

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