My Texas Market!

First, I have to start with that it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged?!  Life got busy!
Especially with also owning a children’s portrait business, things have been crazy this holiday season!

But I’m happy to be back at it.  I’m happy that I set aside this time to make it happen.
And I’m happy that I jumped out of my comfort zone… and also made myself get out of the house to do this.

So here I sit at Cuppencake.  Taking in the sounds, smells, scones, and people.  Love it!


My journey with My Texas Market has been a fairly long one, when you look at the short time that I’ve been on instagram.  And I’m really not sure if they found me first, or if it was the other way around.  But I’m so glad that we connected.

It’s a business run by Micki Brady, who is constantly in motion, researching the coolest, best, yummiest items in this great state.  Her goal is to deliver and introduce everyone to wonderful homemade and artisan products made by Texas residents.

Taken straight from their website:

My Texas Market is a subscription-based delivery service that sends  carefully curated packages filled with small-batch, artisan items from  farmers’ markets and local Texas businesses to customers each month.   Our purpose is to expose consumers to great new products and companies,  offer vendors a new market, encourage the support of local artisan  businesses, and simply share our love for the Texas farmers’ market with  people who might not be able to enjoy it in person.

Since this is a big passion for me, I was quickly enjoying their feed and wanting to work with them.  Two fall box partnerships later… and I got my very own delivery!!!


My Texas Market


In the “Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice” box was a pumpkin spice chocolate bar from SRSLY Chocolate, my pumpkin spice brown sugar body scrub, a holiday spice sugar mix by Spaulding’s Specialty Spices, a pack of Starbucks coffee warmer melts by Tradition Scents, and a bourbon caramel apple jam by Confituras.  All of which, I am slowly getting to try and enjoy.


My Texas Market


My Texas Market


My Texas Market


But what the icing on the cake is… getting tagged in everyone’s instagram pics, reading all the great reviews and blog posts, seeing people’s responses to their video on facebook.  Such an exciting time for them!  So proud of what they’re doing!

Want more information?  Ready to get signed up?  Want to send a box as a gift?

You can purchase individual ($35 per box), 3 month ($100), or 6 month ($195) subscriptions.  You just sign up on their website and wait for the Texas goodness to arrive.

Jams, mixes, kitchen goodies, candies, home items, body products, pastas, nuts, soaps, candles, and more!  How could you not want to dig in?!



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