Our Products, In A New Shop (Lynsey Louise)

This all started with an introduction and information-exchange back in the fall, at the HandCrafted Wholesale Market.  But then happened super quickly with a request less than two weeks ago.


With a super fun Galentine’s Day event planned for their boutique, Lynsey Louise put in a request for some great products of ours, for their shoppers.


I only had a few days to whip up a wholesale body scrubs order and a wholesale bath bombs order, but I got it done!  And with all of that in tow, I set over to their shop just in time for their party.


Balloons, flowers, snacks, and champagne glasses were all set up.  A make-up artist was on her way.  And the boutique was beautiful.  It was fun to see the excitement building.


So what is Lynsey Louise?  Where are they located?  What do they carry?


I have to start with pointing out that under their instagram handle, and under the category “Shopping & Retail,” their very first sentence is “Go women.”  I love that!  So:


Think women’s clothing and jewelry… color, feminine, dainty, trendy, fun, cute, flirty, gorgeous.  And now, thanks to our bath and body products… pampering, yummy, natural, moisturizing, and quality self-care.


The best, right?!


I bet you want to get over there asap.  Or follow them on social media.  Here’s more scoop:




Location, on 1604

Open Tuesdays from 12:00 to 5:00
Open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11:00 to 5:00





















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