Our Business Highlighted (San Antonio Magazine)

I get the San Antonio Magazine in my mailbox every month.  Sometimes it only takes me a few hours to get around to flipping through and enjoying.  Sometimes it’s so hectic, it takes me a month or two!

The December issue?  Even though I saw that it was a “Made in SA” issue (which is so exciting!), it’s actually been sitting on my coffee table for over a week.  But you can bet I grabbed it when I got a “Congratulations” comment on instagram from my friends at Karma Candles!!!

Turns out the whole issue was dedicated to honoring, celebrating, and exposing the best of the handmade businesses in the area.  And we were in there!!!  We’re on an extra list of “More local makers we love!”  Eek!

Thankful for our feature in 2016!  Excited for this shout-out in 2017!

Want to read?  Want a subscription?  Here’s the scoop on San Antonio Magazine…




Made in SA feature




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