It’s time for new product pictures!  And we’d love to use some friendly faces!  If you’ve been following us, are a fellow blogger, have a relationship with us, love our products, are one of our favorite customers, wear our t-shirts, etc… we would love to use you!  (we need individuals AND groups of 2 or more)


Leave a comment here, use our Contact Us form, or message me through facebook or instagram!  I’ll be e-mailing everyone back during this coming week, with questions, ideas, photography dates, and more!

For a peak at what we did in 2015…

We used us, friends, customers, Miss San Antonio, and representatives from the Boerne Education Foundation, Alamo City Moms Blog, Kendall County 4-H, Aid the Silent, and the Berges Fest court!!!



















This is a great way to earn free product, get exposure for your blog or cause, let me talk about your shop or business!  So contact me soon!!!

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