Kendall County Jr. Livestock Show

We cuddled, we fed, we watered, we raised, we chose the show birds, and we processed the delicious chicken.  Ben and Nathan handled all the action in the ring.  And Ben was a pro (again) on the auction stage.

Another broiler project in the books!






And what happened on auction day that was really exciting?

I found out the day before that Petland was moving locations…. and everything was marked at 30 to 40% off!  I also found out that they had a sweet sun conure just waiting for a home!

So I slept on it.  And while we sat and waited for Ben’s turn on the stage, he bothered me over and over again about going to pick up the parrot.  I was totally talked into it.  He totally twisted my arm.  Or not.  I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember.

Meet Scooby!!!




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