Our Products in a New Shop (Market 1023)


This happened quickly!

I was planning a full weekend in the College Station area. We were hoping that our camper would be finished. I had made reservations at Lake Somerville. We were spending all day Saturday at the Museum of the American GI, for their Living History Weekend. I had found a cute restaurant to try. And then I came across this gorgeous home/body/gift shop!

I looked all over Market 1023’s instagram page and website. In love with their products and story, I simply filled out the contact form. Introduced myself and the business, told our story, and linked to our social media. And I let them know we were here, if they were ever looking for a fairly local, natural, new line of products for their shelves.

I was so pleased to hear back from them within the week. So I got busy, making new products!

The kinks in our weekend? The camper wasn’t finished, I had to cancel our camping reservations, we had to cut the whole weekend down to just driving up and back on Saturday, and I wasn’t going to get to meet the owners of the shop. Bummer. But it turned out to be a wonderful day!







The scoop on Market 1023?

“Market 1023 started in 2014, when Gabe and Robby began picking unique items and renovating/re-purposing furniture for the home they planned to move into the following year. As their stock pile of home decor items and furniture grew, family and friends quickly began requesting custom orders, and Market 1023 was born.

By mid-2015, Gabe and Robby launched an etsy shop and facebook page and started branching out from their friends and family network to bring Market 1023 to the public. In addition, the duo started marketing to local antique and home decor shops and began whole-selling their products.

After participating in seasonal shows in 2015 and early 2016, Gabe and Robby jumped at the opportunity to open their first brick and mortar in July of 2016. In the Fall of 2016 Market 1023 started plans to move to a more prime location, and over the first week of January, 2017, they made updates and moved into their current shop on Main Street!

Market 1023 is now a curated collection of over 50 small business and makers from across the United States. The name Market 1023 comes from Gabe and Robby’s anniversary – October 23 (10/23). At the heart of Market 1023 is a desire to build community and give back to the those who have supported Gabe and Robby’s dreams over the years.”







My impression?

I started oohing and aahing as we drove the parkway into downtown. Such beautiful old buildings!

Then we found our destination, headed inside with our products, visited, and got to take the tour.

The interesting thing is that the shop is split into two different spots (separated by a foyer), two different models.

One side is their VENDOR GALLERY. This is the larger space. The shop rents floor space out to (mostly local) vendors. The individual vendors are able to set up their displays as they like, sell what they’d like.

We found everything from signs, to jewelry, t-shirts, vintage clothing, some shoes, and cutting boards, to antique home decor, to unique lamps, to tea sets and old trunks, plush toys, and headbands.

There were several things that I had to decide between (that I loved). Ended up coming home with a cutting board. See the round board on the right? That’s now in my breakfast nook. It’s temporarily on my little island. But I have the perfect place for it on the wall.








The other side is their CURATED SHOP. This is made up of items they make themselves… or that they’ve selected and consigned with makers across the US (which now includes us!!!).

Here we found soaps, candles, signs, enamel pins, magnets, keychains, succulents, tees, greeting cards, felt flowers, funny mugs, dog bandanas, and more!

I totally think our lip balms, healing salves, body scrubs, and bath salts fit right in!!! And I totally need to get our brand new bath bombs to them! Think it’s time to already ship new inventory to them. 😉














So, ready to find them, ready to shop?

Market 1023 is at 110 North Main St. in Bryan

Their website is here

Facebook is here

And their pretty instagram page is here (isn’t it so easy to fall in love with instagram feeds?!)

Follow them! Sign up for the e-newsletter! Or read through the blog! They have lots of things you’ll love… and events that you’ll want to attend!

PS- The vendor gallery had a great little dance floor spot… and great music playing. So guess what Evan did? 🙂

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