Kendall County Fair!!!

Sadly, we didn’t have any chickens to enter into the fair this year.  But we didn’t walk away without ribbons!


I decided to enter the baking competition again.

My mint chocolate cookies are some of my favorites.  Love them still, even though they didn’t win.

Mint Chocolate Cookies


My pumpkin muffins recipe is delicious.  But I think using a different canned pumpkin changed them a little bit.  No ribbon there.

Pumpkin Muffins


Love the unique taste and the sweetness of my honey cupcakes.  Those got a third place ribbon.

Honey Cupcakes


The cake that I made for my birthday last year, a chocolate caramel cake, is definitely one of my top three favorite cakes.  It won first!

Chocolate Caramel Cake



Evan did better than me, with his photography.

He entered the portrait, animal, and landscape categories.

His picture of my dad’s dog Roxy and his picture of our dog Sophie both got second places.  While there was a black and white animal photo better than his…. I would totally argue that this darling pic of Sophie was better than the others in that category.



Sophie Corgi


All the rest were blue ribbons!  This great photo of our town’s gazebo (that he took during our photography class’s walking tour of Boerne), this photo of a curled up centipede,  this cool Lego guy portrait, this ant’s view of bluebonnets, and this gorgeous ant’s view of the riverbed at McKinney Falls (my favorite!!!).  So proud of this talented 8-year-old!!!

Boerne Main Plaza Gazebo



Lego Guy



McKinney Falls Park


Prize Ribbons


But Ben rocked the competition!!!

He entered the animal, landscape, still life, color manipulation, and special effects categories.

His beautiful picture of the capitol building’s dome won a red ribbon.

Texas Capitol


All the rest were blue!  An ant’s view of bluebonnets and a hot air balloon (my favorite!!!), two pictures of his Lego guys, a field/sky photo from his summer road trip, a cute chipmunk photo, and this picture that he took of our bunny Lincoln just a few days before the contest deadline!

Hot Air Balloon

Lego Guy


Lego Guy Military Museum






Lincoln the Bunny


But he also snagged the big BEST OF SHOW ribbon for his picture of the Grand Canyon that he took during his summer road trip with his dad!  He certainly rose to my challenge- take a picture, study it, find a way to make it better, and snap again.  Beautiful photography!  So proud of him!

Grand Canyon


Best of Show


Yesterday morning, we drove up to the chicken show so we could support friends in our poultry club.  The fair has provided us with lots of beautiful new stands and cages!  Everything looked so beautiful and well organized!  Lots of ribbons, big smiles, and some happy tears!

And then we headed back up there to shut the weekend down.  Carnival rides, the rodeo, funnel cake, lemonade, and fun with friends!  The parking and entrances were different.  The carnival had moved to a different spot (seeing it at night right on 46 was beautiful!!!).  The carnival company had changed (their office trailer was adorable, they were all very friendly, and they provided benches for the parents to hang out on!!!).  LOVED it!!!

Kendall County Fair


Kendall County Fair


Kendall County Fair



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