Our Products Went to Camp! And So Did I!!! (Camp Drunken Arrow)

Last year I was a sponsor.  But this year I got to be a sponsor AND a camper!


My adventure began a few weeks ago, when I had to start sterilizing jars and taking inventory of my ingredients.  Having everything ready, I got to work making dozens of fresh lip balms, healing salves, body scrubs, and warmer melts.  Add to those, a handful of postcards, and I had some great swag bag stuffers for every single gal at camp for this past weekend and in two weeks!  (and that’s a lot of ladies)  😉




After getting those (and our brand new banner) to the camp directors, I had a week to get my alcohol, clothes, and supplies packed and ready to go.

Everyone in our cabin carpooled with someone on the trip in on Friday.  And most of us arrived with plenty of time to settle in.  So drinks started flowing, we were served a frito pie dinner, we participated in a flip cup tournament.  Then some ended up dancing the night away, relaxing in the hot tub, or playing ping pong until midnight.


After a night’s sleep, we were up pretty bright and early.  Breakfast tacos, mimosas, yoga, crafts, and burlesque classes started the day.  Lunch was sandwiches and chips.  Then there was kayaking, a scavenger hunt, competitions, and time for us to finally utilize the margarita machine.  Dinner was sliders, potato salad, and cole slaw.  And then each of our groups performed our prepared lip sync song before the evening wrapped up with a dance party.






Now, I must expand on our performance….

The song that was chosen for us a few weeks ago was Tom Jones’ “What’s New, Pussycat?”  We had time to learn it, think about choreography, plan outfits, etc.  But I think half of us were lazy, and half of us kept considering backing out.  So not much planning went into it.  Luckily, we had one friend volunteer to be Tom Jones (and showed up with the best outfit!) and we had a great group that bonded and were willing to make fools of ourselves together.  So we got up on that stage, sang, swayed, and acted out the words to the song.  It was hilarious!!!  (and no one will ever see the video)  😉

After another night’s sleep, I was the first one up.  Spent at least a wonderful hour on our deck, enjoying the peace and quiet.  Then we gobbled down a great breakfast from 2Tarts Bakery, packed up, and headed back home.


So, there are lots of other happenings and exact competition games that I could describe.  But you should really just experience it for yourself.  Just know that things were fun, hilarious, relaxing, raunchy, embarrassing, out-of-your-comfort-zone, team-building, centering, and glorious!  And you can totally choose what you’d like (or not like) to participate in.  *Camp Drunken Arrow is totally what you make of it*

But I will describe the grounds (Geronimo Creek Retreat, out by Seguin).  Very grassy, covered in beautiful pecan trees.  With a set of tipis, a line of glamp houses, and a few cabins.  There are lots of extra restrooms, picnic tables, fire pits, and a dining hall.  There’s a creek that runs right along the property, with rope swings, a deck, and kayaks to use.  There was a hot tub.  But I was totally missing access to a pool or a pretty river.  (That’s really my only complaint.  All that time we spent hanging out on the warm deck could have been spent in a refreshing body of water.)  😉

Our cabin (Cabin Singing Cloud)?  It was awesome.  The loft had two queen beds and plenty of room.  The downstairs had a bedroom with a king, a living room with a couch, loveseat and cot, a kitchen/dining room with just enough space for all our stuff, and a nice bathroom.  Plus, we had a great deck with a picnic table and plenty of chairs.  But the big bonus to paying extra for the cabin?  A full-size fridge!


And our swag bags?  Each of us got a camp t-shirt.  Us rookies got a necklace with a bead (to mark our first year), while the alumni all got a bead to add to their necklace from their first year.  Every bag got a goody from From Scratch Farm.  We got a lip balm and gift card from Love Shack Boutique, a postcard from The Ink Flamingo, a cookie from 2Tarts Bakery, and a gift certificate from Heart to Hands Healing Touch.  Now, I know how much work, love, and cost goes into providing the swag for gift bags.  So please, check out these businesses’ websites and social media, visit their stores, shop with them!  They would totally appreciate your support!


All in all, when someone asked about attending again, I think most of us were up for going back next fall!

Had such a great time!!!

Interested in attending in the spring (there might still be spots left) or next fall?  Follow Camp Drunken Arrow on social media or get yourself on their e-newsletter list!  Our big mouths are helping to make this camp quite popular, so spots fill up fast!




*Camp for grown ass women*

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