Boerne Diva Night

I was warned that the spring Diva Night is never as well attended as the fall is.  But, boy am I glad we didn’t listen… and participated anyways!

First off, Diva Night is quite expensive for little, old, handmade, don’t-have-much-merchandise-to-actually-sell me.  I’ll be honest, $200 is very difficult for me to scrape up, just to be listed as a participating business and be put on the map.

And then the cost of decor, food, and drink on top of that.  Ugh.

But I did it.  And we loved it!

Since it was fiesta season, I went ahead and decorated the front awning with bright, colorful, beautiful Mexican banners.  Totally eye-catching.




And thanks to a couple of sweet friends, I was able to borrow a serape blanket, sombreros, and a poncho for a fiesta-themed photo booth.  With our added moustache props and flower crowns, it was the hit of the night!

Unless you count the queso and margaritas.  😉  One hearty, delicious, cheesy treat.  And two tangy, fruit, tipsy drinks.













Brown-Eyed Baker’s Slow Cooker Spicy Beef Queso Dip!
As always, I tweaked it to my liking.
I followed:
1 pound ground beef
1 block of Velveeta
But then I used 1 container of HEB’s fresh pico de gallo (and all its juices). Delish!!!

Want to make your own, from scratch?




Allrecipes’ Pitcher Perfect Margaritas!
But as always, tweak it to your liking.
I followed:
2 cups tequila
1 cup triple sec
But then I used 1 cup sweet & sour mix
One pitcher got three bags of HEB’s frozen mango.
The other pitcher had half of their huge frozen strawberry bag.
Want to make your own, from scratch? 



And to add to the fun?

Eazy E Farms joined us.  With a booth set up inside our shop, our customers were able to sample (and purchase) their delicious granola!

Plus, Tin Can Custard brought their food truck so ladies could enjoy frozen custard all evening!

Of course, I always love when you support our business.  But I’d love for you to support them too.  Follow along and shop with them….

Eazy E Farms website

Eazy E Farms facebook

Eazy E Farms instagram

Tin Can Custard website

Tin Can Custard facebook

Tin Can Custard instagram

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