It’s time to make it a habit.  It’s time for it to be on my calendar.  Maybe I need a perfect spot and someone to keep me accountable?

My first thought is that Friday mornings are great for me.  And I’m wondering if a coffee shop, bakery, or library may be good places to park myself with my laptop.  But what will the coffee shop think… if I never buy any coffee?  😉

This is my office (my blogging space, for now)…

From Scratch Farm Office


I’ve covered a couple favorite businesses- Voges Veggies and The Love Letter Library.  I’ve told you all about our 4-H experience.  I’ve highlighted our booths at the Boerne Handmade Market and Alamo City Moms Blog‘s Night Out events.

I plan on telling you all about My Day in Texas Ag, every fair adventure, our products, the stores that we’re selling to, The Free Hugs Project, items that make my life easier, beauty routines, our adventures around Texas, even my birthday weekend that is being hosted at the Texas Bell Glampsite!!!  I’m sure everyone wants recipes!  And I’m sure everyone wants giveaways, right?!

Any thoughts, tips?

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