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Not that I ever poured grease/fat down our drains!  But, I can’t tell you how much more I love making homemade seed cakes, rather than dealing with the hassle of containing and throwing away the leftovers!

I discovered You Do It Suet several months ago, as they started following us on instagram.  I quickly took an interest in their product, their story, their mission.

The first thing I noticed about their website was the great photography and the message “YOU DO IT SUET IS REUSABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY AND PERFECT FOR THE EVERYDAY BIRD LOVER AND MEAT EATER.”  Well, we’re both of those!  And we definitely care about products that are better for our home and planet.

I quickly ordered up a couple of molds.  One for a gift, one for the boys’ stocking.

My first seed cake was a test.  I saved up grease from our burgers and used up a bunch of bird seed.  After sitting in the freezer for a couple of days, I punched a hole into the cake, strung it up by a string in a tree, and let the wild birds feast for a couple of days.


I set up the next seed cake for Evan to do on his own.  I supplied him with the mold, chicken feed, bird seed, dried cranberries, and unsalted peanuts.  He packed the ingredients himself and poured in my bacon grease.  After freezing, we popped it out of the mold, and delivered it to the girls.  The hens loved it!

Just a sampling of the process:






Wanting to treat the wild birds or your chickens too?  Want a great way to get rid of unwanted grease?  Need a new activity for the kids in your project rotation?

You can purchase direct from their website, see a listing a great suggested ingredients, get recipes, watch videos, etc.  And living in Texas (where it’s really warm almost all the time), I needed to check out their Q&A page, to see if/how it would be possible to make seed cakes year-round.

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