Why Shop Small? Why Buy Handmade? Why Purchase From Us?

The online shopping world is saturated!  The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are everywhere!  Why in the world should you worry about shopping small, supporting Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday?  Why should you bother buying handmade?


First, let’s start with the overall umbrella of shopping with small businesses:

1. Small businesses give back (more) to your community

When you support a local business, you’re also supporting your town, city, and neighborhood.  Businesses pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in.  Stray to a big box store elsewhere, and that money isn’t benefiting your community at all.  Plus, MANY small businesses constantly donate to local organizations, schools, and teams.  You can literally see the money being poured back into your town!

2. Small businesses provide better customer service 

Small business owners strive to survive, and one of the biggest advantages they have over large retailers is the ability to provide more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service.

3. Small businesses create a sense of community 

You’re much more likely to get to know a small business owner in your neighborhood.  They go to the same places, eat at the same restaurants, attend the same churches.  Their kids go to the same schools.  Their family should mean something to you, in the grand scheme of things.

4. You’re going to feel good

Seriously!  If you don’t get warm fuzzies from shopping with a small business, something went wrong.






Second, let’s talk about buying from a maker (and us), specifically:

1. Quality ingredients/materials

The number one difference between handmade products and commercials products are the ingredients on the label.  Our ingredients include natural oils, beeswax, dried botanicals, and essential oils.  And we use as few ingredients as we can.  I dare you to compare!  Our list is short and sweet.  You can pronounce everything!  And my friends that create products like stuffed animals, wreaths, dog bandanas, teething necklaces, and wooden signs?  I know they’re striving to give you the best quality construction and materials as they can too.

2. Handmade with love

Every product is handmade with love, with a dream in mind, with purpose.

3. Uniqueness

You know the saying “no two snowflakes are alike”?  Handmade products are exactly like this.  For me specifically, I admit that my labels aren’t always perfect, I sometimes fill some jars too much, and each batch may look a little different.  But I can tell you that they were all made with time, attention, love, quality ingredients, and trusted recipe.  They all work the same.  And our goal is to provide you with products that are unique in the marketplace…. that you’ll fall in love with and stay loyal to.









So, now you’re convinced to make the switch from big box stores, to family-owned, local businesses, right?  Get ready to support Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday!!!





But, how do you get more involved in (and show your support for) the small business movement for the long-run?  This is a great start:

  • Shop small, of course!  And not just on Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday, but every day that you can.
  • Get vocal on social and online – Post pictures of yourself shopping at a small business (or using their products once you get home), and be sure to use the hashtag #ShopSmall.  And you can always write positive Yelp, Google, or Facebook reviews for the small businesses you love and support.  And what’s easier than following their social media account, liking, and commenting on their posts?  This costs nothing!
  • Share this post and others like it – Raise awareness and show your support.



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