Viva Fiesta!

Well, San Antonio’s fiesta wasn’t as awesome for us as I had hoped it would be.  Next year I’ll know to watch the calendar and plan ahead.  (this year Evan was with his dad one weekend, and we were camping on the other weekend)

But other than missing both weekends of the big event….

The decorations and mariachi station (on Pandora) were a big hit at work.




Our first-ever fiesta medals turned out just like I wanted!  Cartoonish, colorful, and so cute!  We ended up selling them for $10 each.  And we’ll be donating $2 from each one to Kendall County 4-H, $2 from each to our poultry club.  (will make that donation as soon as we’re definitely done selling them this season, and they go into the vault until next fiesta season)



We had a really fun night participating in the Helotes Chamber of Commerce’s Fiesta Medal Bash.





And Evan also LOVED collecting medals!  So much so, I ended up buying him a sash so that he could wear his medals to events and ended up making a wreath to keep the medals on for display.


Bricks & Minifigs from my dad.  I can’t remember who made the Spurs coyote one.  And ours.


I purchased the sash from Bird & Pear.  They sent the medal as a gift!


The cutest!  Both from SA Flavor!


A medal that I won from Brooks Airforce Base at the Best of San Antonio party (I had to hold a yoga pose on one foot for a minute).  😉


An Oprah medal that we purchased at the Helotes Fiesta Medal Bash (made by Fiesta Medal Maniacs).  And one from my mom (by Firstmark Credit Union).


More favorites!  Whataburger, Lick Honest Ice Cream, and Henry’s Puffy Tacos!




And while that’s all we’ve got for now…

A friend is hoping to snag a Home Depot medal for us.  I was notified that one of my Texas Cavaliers River Parade photos won us one of their medals.  And a Scooby Doo medal from Diana’s Medals should arrive any day.


Speaking of the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, it was the event that we made it to.  Got downtown in plenty of time.  Stopped by Yanaguana Gardens, to sit and enjoy some paletas.  And then we grabbed Chili’s as we took our seats along the river for the lighted riverboat parade.







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