The Sky Isn’t Falling

I am healthy.  I rarely get sick.  I saw my ob/gyn while I was pregnant.  I made myself go for a check-up right around turning 40.  And I see the dentist fairly regularly.  But I’ll admit… I don’t watch my blood pressure or cholesterol, I’d never had my eyes checked as an adult, etc, etc.  I could go on.  But you moms know the drill.  Every other person comes first, every bill makes it that you don’t care for yourself like you should, every other task and errand is much more important.


But then things got fuzzy.


Almost exactly two months ago.


And pretty sudden.


My vision seemed normal as I was driving, cooking, seeing things across the room (under most circumstances).  But while I was doing anything on my phone, things just weren’t right.  Words weren’t crisp.  There was a blur that I strangely, instinctively wanted to blink away.  So then I was straining my eyes… and over-blinking… and then my eyes were watering.  It was weird.


Of course, I assume that something’s really wrong.  Or maybe it was just normal aging?


When the boys had their yearly check-up at their doctor, I jumped in and tested my eyes to see if I could read the same lines as they could (on the eye chart).  And I actually didn’t do too poorly.   So what was it?


Then one night while I was flipping through instagram, I got a follow from Boerne Vision Center.  Plus, a direct message inviting me to their grand re-opening.  I immediately messaged back about what great timing this way, explained my age and symptoms.  Next thing I knew, I was all set up with an appointment and commitment to write about this journey.




During the next few days I actually worried myself through the things that could be wrong.  I visited with people whose eye sights had been changing lately.  Talked with my new neighbor about how she very suddenly needed readers… and what her symptoms were.  And I eventually settled into being okay with needing glasses (if I’d need them).  By the time of my appointment, I was actually a little excited about picking out glasses.  That was actually going to be the featured image of this post- me and my cute new accessories, balanced on my nose.



And then I walked through their doors.


The office was clean, bright, fresh, and comfortable.  I was warmly welcomed by two ladies behind the desk, got myself checked in, and was handed the new patient paperwork.  While filling out all those blanks, I couldn’t help but overhear the enthusiastic, loud voice from the other side of the room.  He was working with an older gentleman that was about to walk out with his new glasses.  He was not only giving great instructions on adjusting to the new glasses, but visiting with the man also.  The conversation was personal, caring.  And did I mention loud?  I could tell he was passionate about what he was doing… or really loved working with people… or both!


Back to me, I was then quickly taken back to an exam room with Burgundy.  She sweetly and thoroughly explained to me, from start to finish.  I learned all about the 9 tests that they run patients through.  But I wouldn’t be receiving all 9, since I didn’t already have eye correction.  So, I focused on the little red house drawing inside the light box.  I named all of the numbers that I could see within the colored dots.  I read as much of the eye chart as I could.  I tried to pick out the objects that looked three-dimensional.  I tried not to flinch as she blew the puff of air at my eye ball!  Etc.  I can tell you, that it was all foreign to me.  My blood pressure was ‘meh’ since I was a little nervous about anyone going near my eyes.  And I was definitely getting frustrated by anything that got blurry to me.  I want it all to be clear.  I don’t want to get old!!!!!!!  😉









Onto the second exam room, where I then met with Dr. Susan Johnson.  Also with a great demeanor and excellent customer care, she walked me through everything she was doing and every tool that she was going to use.  She dilated my eyes, ran her tests, looked into every nook and cranny… and put up with my weird frustrations of some things going blurry when I didn’t want them to.













And then she breaks the news to me.  I have almost perfect vision!  Ha!  Wait, what?


My eyes are healthy.  Like, really great.  She didn’t even want to worry about readers for me.  But… my eyes were dry.  And as dry as they were, that could be causing the change in my vision and be the reason for my squinting and over-watering.  So I was handed a couple of different eye drops and the instructions for their use.


Okay, I was thrilled that nothing was wrong.  But I was disappointed that I didn’t get to pick out glasses.  So I went over and visited with Michael anyway.  And his voice and conversation with me was just as enthusiastic as it was with the customers that I eavesdropped on earlier.  😉  Plus, he knows his stuff!  First, he apparently really listens to each customer as far as how conservative, adventurous, or in-between they’re willing to be with their frames.  And once he has that as a base, he helps find just the right shape, style, size, and color for each customer that he works with.  He pointed out how close my eyes are to each other (which I had never noticed).  Then I saw how even little tiny tweaks in style can totally show off or hide how chubby your face looks.  And then I finally got to ask someone why my sunglasses always seem crooked.  And it was just as I thought- one of my ears is higher than the other.  Go figure.














So, at the end of the day?  It was an easy visit, one that I shouldn’t have been so nervous about.  I received excellent customer service and patient care.  I felt informed and important.  I learned quite a few things.  And all that has changed for me… is having to use eye drops.  Easy-peasy (even though I hate anything going near my eyes).



Are you taking care of your eyes?  Or are you in need of a wellness visit?


Give them a ring at Boerne Vision Center!  They’d be glad to help!







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