The Kendall County Fair

It was a wonderful year for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, no one won a Best of Show, we didn’t make it to the rodeo or a concert, and the carnival was lame.  But!  We were happy with our entry results on Friday!  I couldn’t have had more fun on Saturday!  And we can’t top the big news from yesterday!


Our results from Friday:


Ben received a first place and a third place ribbon on his three photography entries.  He got a second place ribbon on his Lego tanks collection.  And a first place for his Lego diarama/scene.






Evan got a second place for one of his painted eggs.  A second place for his sugar cookies.  A second place for his collection of eggs.  And a second place for his one photography entry.







For me, it was a second place for my gingerbread muffins and a second for my tres leches cake.  Then a first for my s’mores cupcakes and a first for my frosted sugar cookies.  (I’ll be sharing those pics and recipes on instagram and facebook in the coming week)




So, Saturday started with the parade.  Having to get to staging early, we had lots of time to talk style show.  The details, the models, the excitement.  And then we walked the whole route down Main Street.  It was a small group, so I wasn’t sure how noticeable and impactful we would be.  But our bright kelly green, shop small t-shirts stood out.  And everyone seemed to love hearing the info (and getting the flyers) for the style show.  Loved seeing my parents, sister, friends, customers, the boys’ teachers, and more in the crowd.  Loved the smiles on all of our retailers, as they walked in the heat.  And it was so funny to hear that Evan had been performing on his scooter, the whole time, as he rode down Main Street (I guess I had been too busy with the flyers and photography to notice).  All the warm fuzzies… and all the feels!







Then we spent the rest of the day at the fair with my parents and sister.  Evan and I entered the egg content contest.  He submitted our freshest egg, from one of our three brown egg-laying hens.  I submitted Kermi’s blue egg.  She usually wins egg contests, but her egg was older.  But lo and behold, I won the blue ribbon!  Kermi’s egg wins again!  Lesson learned?
Then we grabbed gorditas, funnel cakes, and lemonade.  And enjoyed the karaoke contest, every bit of it.  From singing along to “Overnight Male” and “Bye-Bye-Bye,” to swaying along to “Blue Bayou,” to rapping along to “The Humpty Dance.”  It was a blast!







And Sunday was all focused on the chicken show, even though I knew I had to drop by and support my friends at the apple pie contest.  We arrived at the fairgrounds early, got Evan’s chicken checked in, and settled in for the long wait.  The judge made his rounds, examining each and every hen and rooster in the little bantam chicken category.  Made his notes.  Marked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category.  Then he went through the standard category the same way.  At this time, we could sneak over and take a peek at Scooter’s cage tag.  Great news!  She had won 1st out of all the standard hens!  And then there was more waiting, as all of the kids spoke to the judge, competing for the showmanship awards.






So I skipped on over to the Exhibit Hall for the apple pie contest.  Our poultry club leader, Melissa, had entered.  The owner of The Christmas Shoppe, Emily, had entered.  Went to take a look at the 16 pies, watch the judges for a while, and to cheer on my friends.  Was kind of wishing that I had baked.  But totally knew I never could have made time for a pie.


Headed back to the chicken show to visit with our friends… and wait some more.  But, finally, it was time for the awards.  They announced all of the winners for the bantams.  They announced every winner for the standards.  Evan had to wait forever to finally grab his first place ribbbon!  😉  But then, the very last thing to be awarded was all for Evan too!  Scooter won GRAND CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was shocked, he was excited, he was SO happy!  Score!





Wonderful, wonderful weekend!  With friends, family, fun, the fair, and ribbons!  🙂

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