The Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival!

Had a blast at the 2nd annual Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival yesterday!

My day started with packing up everything in the shop, driving out to Sunken Gardens Theater, and setting up my booth.

It was humid.  But with the sun behind the clouds, it did stay the perfect temp.  Probably couldn’t have asked for better weather in Texas September.  And my booth space?  Aaaaaaaaaaah!  (picture angels singing)  I had the perfect stage-viewing spot!  Although far away, I could hear (and see) every single band!  I don’t know how I got so lucky!

The day also had the continuous smell of amazing food from the food trucks.  Music, laughter, bubbles, and frisbees floated through the air.  A steady stream of visitors and shoppers came through the market area.  And when I wasn’t busy visiting and selling, I was winding up dozens of new dryer balls!

I snagged a Good Vibrations tee for myself.

And closed up my booth for the last hour, to enjoy the last band of the day.  What an opportunity to be at a market, love on the community, AND see one of my favorite bands!  Parachute’s set was short.  But awesome!

(Packed up, drove home, in bed some time after midnight.  So I’ve spent most of the day today in bed… with my laptop and movies.)  🙂









So, how about a little info on the festival and their cause, in their words?

Good Vibrations Music Fest “is an all-day affair, which was inspired by a dream of inclusion and equality for all.  This fun-filled day isn’t just a good time.

It is an event with a cause.  The benefiting nonprofit, Aid the Silent, is a Texas-based organization with a mission to break down barriers associated with hearing loss.

Aid the Silent helps deaf and hard-of-hearing children and teens receive equal access to opportunity by providing financial assistance to enhance communication methods; gain access to education resources; and to improve their overall health, both mental and physical, that leads to individual growth socially, educationally and spiritually.

Our goal is to be a place of fun where festival-goers can enjoy a musical and cultural experience that people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances can enjoy with dozens of craft booths, good food and good music.  Festival-goers can enjoy a completely deaf accessible concert. The Good Vibrations Music & Art Festival will have live captioning, and ASL interpretation available as well as T-coiling, vibrating backpacks and a visual light show, which will sync to the performances.”

Amazing, right?  (You guys know I’m all about inclusion!)

I’d love for you to learn more:

Good Vibrations  |  website  |  facebook instagram

Aid the Silent  |  website  |  facebook  |  instagram







And Parachute?

How do you guys choose your favorite bands?  For me, it’s the lyrics, the beats, the tone, the feelings.  It’s how many amazing songs are on their album, as opposed to the meh.  And let’s be honest, it’s also how much their music makes me wants to belt out the tune, how deeply it can make me feel an emotion, how much happier it makes me even while cleaning my house.  Seriously, if a band can rock out my chores, they’re a winner!





So who are my favorites?  It’s a pretty eclectic mix…

Blue October
Barenaked Ladies
The Mavericks
Matchbox 20
Better Than Ezra
Brooks & Dunn
Linkin Park
Panic at the Disco
Clay Walker
The Script
Imagine Dragons
JJ Heller
and Parachute

Now, that’s not in any particular order.  But that’s definitely the top 14 (I don’t know why I couldn’t come up with 15).  😉  And although I’ll never get to see a couple of them in concert, I can now check the 8th that I’ve seen in person.

If you don’t know Parachute, you should really check them out.  Great writing, sound, and vibe.  And even kid-appropriate (which is getting harder and harder to find these days).

website  |  facebook  |  instagram


So, quick questions.  Who are your favorite bands?  How awesome or eclectic is your mix?  And after reading my list, are there any bands you’d recommend for me?





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