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This week has been HARD.  On SO many around us.

From being without electricity, being without power, the vehicle accidents, roof leaks, days without sales, events cancelled, running out of groceries, worrying about friends and family away from us, busted pipes, and more.  Poor Texas; poor Boerne.

Especially after the year that covid gave us, especially for small businesses, these times are making us stronger or crushing us.  I’ve seen too many close their doors.  I see too many still in trouble.

So I created a new t-shirt design.  For sales for us, for awareness for small business all around town.  And who are these mom and pop shops?  They’re my friends, supporters on social media, a big part of our retailers group, my Boerne Retailers’ Style Show & Shopping Event sisters.  My retail/maker/artist family.




Take note of these sweet, cool, edgy, awesome, gifty, yummy, upscale shops and boutiques (and their incredible owners and mangers!):

Southern Voice
Gina Marie’s Art Studio
Salty & Sweet
The Dienger Trading Company
La Te Da
The Christmas Shoppe
Dang Sassy
Joli Boutique
Gallery 195
The Red Rooster
Texas Gourmet Pantry
Flashback Funtiques
J.Forks Designs
Traditions at the Depot
The Pearl Antler
The Sanctuary for the Vintage Soul
Fetch & Friskers

Of course, there are lots more in town.  These are just the ones I have real relationships with or ones that support our shop, ones that cheer us on.  So I want to support them in any way I can, even if it just means linking to their pages here and supporting their social media.

If you have any chance to shop at their stores, rather than ordering online or heading to a big box store, you will be making a difference for their employees and their families.  Your purchase will be appreciated.  There will be happy dances.


If you want to support us, you know where to go.  Our website

And if you want to snag one of these awesome t-shirts, click here!


THANK YOU for any and all purchases you make from us, for talking about us behind our backs, for sharing our posts!  We appreciate YOU!


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