Saving From Scratch Farm

Last night I received this message from Quickbooks….



And with all the uncertainty ahead of us, closing our doors on Saturday, and no promise of continued online orders…. I decided to go for it!

Our shop now has a GoFundMe page.  On one hand, money raised can simply go to helping us pay rent, and be able to open our doors again (when the time comes).  On the other hand, we can use a chunk of the funds to create all the new products I’ve been wanting to get to this past year (further diversifying our offerings).  Plus, hand sanitizer, that everyone is asking us for!  It all takes time, testing, and big investments.

I’d appreciate anyone taking the time to read more of my story and hopes.  I’d be thankful for any kind of donation.  I’d be grateful for any shares.  It all makes a difference!

GoFundMe page

(I aimed high!  Main Street rent is crazy… and I have big dreams, for changing the world!)

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