Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

If you know me or my business at all, by now you know I use these words a lot when it comes to what I make, how we live, how I shop:


You’ve seen that I’m trying to reduce waste in our product packaging.  You’ve seen that I’m trying to change everyone’s habits, health, and the safety of their homes.  You’ve seen that I’m trying to save the planet.  I’m trying to make a difference!



So… when I found out that our Waste Management program was switching from the small, open-air recycling bins, to the large, lidded recycling carts, I was giddy!  No more worrying about the rain soaking all the cardboard.  No more worrying about the wind tossing our items into the neighbors’ yards.  No more worrying about overflow, all of our items just not fitting.  (We not only recycle what we have here in our home.  But I also bring all of our recycling from work too.  It’s a lot.)


So, let’s recycle everything!!!!!!!  Right?





Well, for Boerne, we have more changes than just the bins.  And, there have been rules that you may not have been aware of.  Let’s explore…


1- We’ll talk trash first.  All Boerne Utilities customers should have a large, green-lidded cart for trash that was free from the city.  You may also have a second trash can.  Pick up is once a week.  But your day may have changed!  Click here for the updated TRASH map and your day of the week.  They want your cans (with bagged trash inside) to be on your curb by 7:00 am the morning of your pick-up.  Of course, you can leave it out the night before.


2- Then, it’s recycling.  All Boerne Utilities customers should have received the new large, yellow-lidded cart for recycling (also free from the city).  Pick up is once a week.  Again, your day may have changed!  Click here for the updated RECYCLING map and your day of the week.  They want the cans (with loose recyclables inside) to be on your curb by 7:00 am the morning of your pick-up.  Again, you can leave it out the night before.


3- Did you notice that they want the recyclable products to be LOOSE?  I’ve seen so many of my neighbors do this wrong.  If you’re bagging your recyclable items in grocery bags or trash bags… they will not be recycled!!!!!!!!  It’s so important for their workers to be able to immediately get their hands on loose containers and boxes, to quickly sort, to get their jobs done.  Please make sure you’re not bagging anything.


4- Did you know that your recyclables need to be clean?  They don’t want our cardboard pizza boxes, stained with grease and cheese.  Their employees don’t have time to rinse our bottles and cans, free of food.  So make sure you do!


5- Almost on the same note, do you know what items can’t be recycled?  They don’t want food waste or liquids.  (If you can, feed good food waste to your neighbors’ chickens.  Or start a compost bin.)  They don’t want plastic wraps or bags.  (Reuse all those plastic grocery bags.  Or take them back to the grocery store.  Or better yet, please invest in canvas shopper totes, so you never have to use another plastic bag!)  And they don’t want foam products.  (This is a tough one for me.  So many places send you with a drink or leftover box made of foam.  Have to figure out a better way to do this.)


6- So what can be recycled?  If you’re outside of Boerne, you’ll have to check with your own city or county.  And Boerne, things may be changing with plastics.  But the standard recycling list is: paper, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, flattened cardboard and paperboard, tin and aluminum cans, food and beverage cartons.  It’s a lot!  (A more detailed list is available with the city here.)


7- And did you know this?  They ask that both trash and recycling bins be placed on the street, with the handles facing your home, with the lid opening towards the street.





So take a second look as you’re throwing something away.  If it can be recycled, please set it aside to do so.  Keep it out of our landfills.  Honestly, if you really start paying attention, and become diligent about it, you should actually end up with more recycled products than waste!  What a better world we’d live in, if everyone’s ratio ended up like that!  <3



Want to know why there are changes?  Here are frequently asked questions (and their answers).  Have questions for me?  Drop inquiries (or comments) below!  Have something that maybe I can’t answer?  Or need to set up service at your new home?  The city’s here for you 830-249-9511.  And Waste Management’s here to help too 800-800-5804 or


#MakeAChange #MakeADifference



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