New Home, Big Dream

We’re going to move! And I’m designing a mural, t-shirt, and new sticker to go with that! (even a hashtag)
And although the new space is just a carbon copy of our current space, all of us makers are dreaming of what this could mean for us!
It’s going to take a lot to make this move magic, and to give the world to my makers!
So I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign.
For paint, lights, rugs, displays, stickers, tees, decor, and more. Everything we need to make this new spot even more inviting, cute, colorful, warm, and welcoming.
But we only have 30 days to raise the $13,000 goal…. or we lose all the pledges promised. Yikes!!!
Can you donate… or help us spread the word?!
Every dollar counts. Every share helps.


Straight from our Kickstarter page:


My name is Amy Bierstedt.

I’m a daughter, sister, friend.  I’m a pet mom to three hens, a corgi, and a parrot.  I’m the mom to two incredible young men.  I’m a lover of photography, chocolate, my adorable small town, music of all genres and decades, color, hiking, any activity in or near water, clothes, good food, delicious cocktails, traveling Texas, my dependable truck, the smell of dill or fresh-cut grass (among many other favorite smells), roomba, and small businesses.  I’m also a MAKER.


My handmade business is From Scratch Farm.

It began in 2013, from a need to rid our home of toxins… to me wanting to change that for others’ homes… to me wanting to save the planet!  I’ve spent the last 8+ years creating pampering, sudsy, moisturizing, luxurious, cleansing, non-toxic goods.  As naturally as I could, as eco-friendly as I could.  I’m now up to a product line of over 20 of my handmade products plus over a dozen complimentary goods made by other maker friends.  I have a refill program, that allows customers to refill their bottles, instead of recycling or throwing into the landfill.  And we have a bottle return offering, so I can sterilize and reuse the glass jars.

During my time as From Scratch Farm, I found an incredible maker community.  We support each other fiercely.  And I’ve become obsessed with shopping with mompreneurs and handmade businesses.


My boutique is Handmade on Main.

This *kind of* began in 2019.  When From Scratch Farm had a retail space on Boerne’s Main Street, and Doubleside Toffee Company questioned me about moving in with me.  I had no idea what was about to happen!!!

After Doubleside Toffee, Bear & Roo Candle Company, and Craft Tree by Terry set up in my retail space, something happened within me.  A rumble!  The dream started from there!

I purchased our dba in January of 2020.  And then covid happened.  I won’t go into how I pivoted, all the new services we had to offer to survive, how our businesses took a hit.

I’ll go into the fact that we did survive, put our signage on our building, added more makers, started offering incredible hands-on workshops, joined our local Chamber, had our ribbon-cutting, celebrated our anniversary, and more.

We are now home to 19 makers!  Moms, grandmas, a couple of dudes.  Almost all very local to Boerne.  We’re a big part of the downtown retailers community, participating in almost all of the town events.  I was on the board for our Boerne Retailes’ Style Show & Shopping Event.  We won a San Antonio Magazine’s Best of the City award (for our shop and sense of community).  We were nominated for a national Retailers Excellence award (for our crafty classes).  And we’re currently up for two Boerne Chamber awards: Small Business of the Year and Businesswoman of the Year.

It’s all incredibly, overwhelmingly, wonderfully amazing!


We’re moving!

We’re moving our location.  To a completely blank slate.  The perfect opportunity to do a little rebranding, invest in packaging, improve our aesthetic.  To create beautiful displays for each maker, to provide gorgeous lighting for our products, to display everyone’s logo prominently.  To add little details that make our shop more homey, warm, and welcoming.  To creating our first mural.

From paint supplies, to lights, to furniture, to rugs, and more.  Every dollar helps us create a more beautiful shopping experience.

Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you!

Most of your donation will go straight towards building a better maker community and helping us shine in our new retail space.  But a little goes back to you:

Bronze- $50 donation- receive a vinyl sticker three pack, to show off your support of small business, handmade, and Boerne!

Silver- $100 donation- receive our upcoming t-shirt, celebrating some new branding.

Gold- $250 donation- receive a gift box, full of pampering items from From Scratch Farm and a luxurious sleep mask from The Cheerful Roost.

Platinum- $1000 donation- receive a hands-on workshop for you and five friends, with all the crafty supplies, instructions, and teachers you’ll need to complete a few fun projects.  >>This opportunity is limited to the first five diamond supporters<<



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