Chicken Fun Show

Ben was out of town.  But Evan and I were able to attend our 4-H poultry club’s Chicken Fun Show.

And Evan walked away with a Champion ribbon and trophy!  First Place eggs, y’all!  But let me explain…

His plate of three white eggs that were judged on looks didn’t place at all.  His plate of three brown eggs that were also judged on looks did poorly.

But! Our blue egg that was cracked open and examined for contents made the judge’s heart flutter!  A big golden, tall yolk… on top of a thick, defined albumen… with very little runny whites surrounding… scored Evan the top spot out of all his competition in the standard class!

What makes our eggs rock, you ask? Organic chicken feed, fruit and veggie scraps, lots of free-ranging around our yard, and being treated like treasured pets. They are happy and healthy! And their eggs show it!

Funny thing? I don’t like eggs. I don’t eat them unless they’re baked into desserts. 😉 But from what I hear from our customers (and from what the egg judging shows), what we’re doing is working! If you ever get the chance to raise your own hens or purchase eggs from a family like us, do it! You won’t be disappointed!



Miss Piggy also came home with other prizes too.  Our prettiest hen won Best of Breed and 3rd Place overall, out of all the standard breeds!!!  Yippee!



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