Cheers to MOMS and TEACHERS!

Teacher Appreciation Day (May 2nd)

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8th to 12th)

and Mother’s Day (May 14th)

are fast approaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we have some great gift ideas for all the moms and teachers!

Submitted by our makers:



“As a former school nurse, BK Designs knows just what to gift your teachers to make them feel special every day! Grab a tumbler, refillable glitter pen, or even a stapler! ✏️. Plenty of options for Mother’s Day coming up as well! Check out the full collection online!”




“It’s gonna be May! Did you know that Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up? Mark your calendar for Monday, May 2nd. ✏️🍎Find great teacher appreciation gifts made by a teacher herself and the owner of Art & Soul TX Design. We will have a special Teacher offer on all of our teacher stickers, shirts, and koozies on May 1st-13th. Get your kid’s teachers a special thank you gift for the amazing things they’ve done this school year!

Teacher Offer: 25% OFF ALL Teacher Products with coupon code 25Teacher

🍎Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

🍎Teacher Koozies

🍎Countdown til Summer Planner Stickers

🍎Texas Teacher Shirts”






“Doubleside toffee 4 oz pouches are a tried and true teacher gift, every year we get messages from teachers that they loved their toffee gift and they want to know where they can get more!”






“Each time I see a rainbow from my sun catcher, it makes me smile!” Every one loves seeing the surprise beauty from a sun catcher in their window. Made with a prism and colorful clay shapes, these sun catchers make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.”






Whether you’re shopping for MOM or a favorite teacher, can you go wrong with bath and body products?!  Let’s pamper her with:

Body scrub- Available in lemon drop, soothing lavender, or sweet peppermint.  Made with just sugar, coconut oil, and essential oil.  It’s scrubby, exfoliating, moisturizing, and hydrating.  For fresh, happy skin!  $13.

Milk bath- In wild rose.  Made with just powdered goats, epsom salt, and essential oil.  It’s pampering, luxurious, hydrating, moisturizing.  Perfect for sensitive skin.  For soft, silky skin.  $28.

Body butter.  In milk chocolate or soothing lavender.  Made with coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, cornstarch, and essential oil.  It’s so luxurious!  Light, airy, fluffy, moisturizing, pampering.  A treat for your skin.  $20.





Would it be inappropriate to give your kiddos’ teacher a craft cocktail starter and a bottle of liquor?  (asking for a friend)

If not 😉 , doesn’t an easy, delicious, simple, and yummy cocktail sound perfect for your mom or favorite teacher?  Whether you think they’d love to make a spicy margarita, classic ranch water, a tart martini, a bubbly french 75, fruit sangria, or another amazing cocktail… our jars make the ultimate foodie/cocktail connoisseur gift!

$25 or $28.  Craft cocktails, made simple.







“Flowers are often the favorite route to express love for Mothers on Mother’s Day along with fun extra gifts. Flowers given to put in a vase will hold their vibrant blooms for only a week or two. So for this Mother’s Day Holiday, here are some flowers that will last much longer all year to admire. This is also great for those who love Spring flowers to hang around the house, it hangs perfectly for a small space for office workers, and great for Teachers near their desk as they don’t take up too much space. The chains on each one hang at 7.5 inches and range in a variety of different shapes that will start at $20.
If you would like to preserve personal flowers for a unique custom order for Mothers day to be put into one of our glass frames and properly preserved, please reach out to ( for arrangements.”







This maker is no longer with us.  But I think her artwork makes incredible gifts for women… and women of faith.  She’s left our shop with some beautiful pieces.  And I’d love to find them the perfect homes.  They’ll be a cherished gift by any mom or teacher they’re gifted to.

Prices range from $12 to $165.




And don’t forget, we have greeting cards and notecards!  Sweet, funny, appropriate, and maybe a little inappropriate!  😉

$5 each.





For these items, and more, come browse our shop or our website!

Store hours are Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 5pm.

And website is up and running 24/7.


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