Boerne Handmade Market

It was another glorious and exhausting BHM!




I was making products until the last minute.  We loaded things up in the humid warmth.  And we packed up and went home in the heat.

But everything in between?  Like I said, glorious!  😉

Evan was such a champ the day before.  With his help, we got everything into the ballroom and set up in just a couple of hours.  He tried to stay organized, he worked hard, and kept me moving.

The day of was consistently busy.  I met so many new people, saw so many wonderful familiar faces.  It was nice visiting with my neighbor, even mentoring her a little bit.  I made lots of great sales.  Our new bath bombs were a hit!  And my parents showed up to not only snag a Steel City Pop and some cheddar popcorn for me… but they also help me load up everything back in my truck.  Whew!





Oh, and I pulled together this cute pic of us “oldies but goodies!”  (Or as Beth called us, the original gangstas)




Cannot wait until the next market!!!  Want to keep watch for it?

Boerne Handmade Market




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