A Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Guide

You’ve heard me shouting from the rooftops for the past year, right?  About how important it is (more than ever!) to shop small, stay loyal to local, and support handmade?  I’m sure you’ve heard!

Again, and now for Mother’s Day, I’ve pulled together a simple and straight-forward gift guide from a handful of local makers and entrepreneurs in our Handmade on Main shop.  Gifts that are perfect for the MOM, grandma, or mother figure in your life.  Gifts that will delight, pamper, and surprise her!









I’m the owner and maker, Amy Bierstedt.  And I love all of my natural and non-toxic, pampering, luxurious, moisturizing, cleansing, hydrating, and wonderful products!  So there’s no way to choose just one.  That’s why my gift boxes are always my top pick for Mother’s Day.  Each comes with your choice of sleep mask… and:

The “When Life Gives You Lemons” box is $46, with lemon drop best sellers: bath bomb, body scrub, and room/linen spray.
The “Relax & Unwind” box is $46, with soothing lavender best sellers: all-purpose salve, tub tea, and room/linen spray.
The “We’re Mint To Be” box is also $46, with my sweet peppermint favorites: lip balm, bath salts, and body scrub.
The “Stop & Smell the Roses” box is $62, including our two wild rose items: facial mist and milk bath.

All are packed with crinkle paper, in the window gift box, tied with a ribbon, and ready to gift.

Available here:  https://handmadeonmainboerne.com/collections/from-scratch-farm




“I’m Erin from Ever Clay Shoppe.  I’m a mother so I feel like I can suggest gifts for Mother’s Day with a bit of expertise. I’m a fan of small but meaningful gifts. Although I love all my earrings, my favorite gift lately has been my rainbow prisms. They are unique, beautiful, and  a gift that really keeps on giving!

Hang the prism in a window and on sunny days your room will be filled rainbows. And when the sun isn’t shining you can appreciate the beautiful crystal. A couple of years ago my husband gave me a prism and I can truly say it is such a beautiful gift!

I can’t ignore my earrings because they also make wonderful gifts. They are both easy to throw on and an easy way to brighten up any outfit! If you are worried about size, my studs are fun and bright and small. If your mom earrings than go big! I have some simple styles that are subtle and also some bright pops of color.”

Available here: https://handmadeonmainboerne.com/collections/everclay




” ‘Oh yay, a free hugs coupon book’ – Said no mom ever.
This year get your mom something that is one of a kind. Get your mom a Tipsy Barrel serving board and let her brag to her friends about the personal and unique gift you gave her. If you have siblings this will seal the deal on you being her favorite kid.  Each board is carefully crafted and prayed over as it’s being made. We rescue old wood and turn it into a beautiful, food-safe board that can be used to serve dessert from Doubleside Toffee or display her favorite candle from Bear & Roo. All of the wood we use is rescued locally, so you’re adding a piece of Texas history to your home.  Put down the Free Hugs coupon book and grab her a Tipsy Barrel board!”

Available here: https://handmadeonmainboerne.com/collections/tipsy-barrel




“I am Carley, owner and maker over at Careha + Co. My business focuses on providing support for mothers during pregnancy and especially during the postpartum period (when they really, really need it)! My three favorite products in the shop are also my most recommended for new mothers:
Mama + Baby Salve – This salve was created to help mamas and babies alike. Made using all-natural ingredients, this salve is ideal for stretched and healing skin. It also helps relieve tired muscles and achy joints. Safe for baby and helps promote sleepiness.
Postpartum Bath Soak – What better way to heal your body and your mind than with a nourishing and relaxing herbal bath. My postpartum bath soak is handcrafted using the best healing and relaxing herbs. All of the natural ingredients will help to heal and nourish your delicate tissues after birth.
Postpartum Healing Spray – A baby came outta there. All of your muscles and tissues down there are swollen, stretched out, sore, and fatigued. I spent months researching various herbs and floral extracts to find the best combination for maximum healing benefits. Our formula soothes skin, heals perineal trauma and tearing, and reduces the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids.
I made a special bundle just for Handmade on Main shoppers. Get all three of these amazing handcrafted products for just $45 (retail for $51).”

Available here: https://handmadeonmainboerne.com/collections/careha-co




For any mom that loves to cook (or eat)-  give the gift of flavorful and delicious Italian seasonings blends, flavor-infused olive oils, and flavored vinegars!  They have SO many uses!  From bread dips, to starting all of your favorite pasta dishes, to Italian favorites like pizza and lasagna, to salad dressings, to fish, even ice cream!
Today, the owner, Chris, is sharing one of his favorite recipes, using his olive oil and Italian seasoning:





“I am Tia Molinar, owner and maker of Bear and Roo Candle Co.  I have been making 100% soy wax candles and melts since 2006.  We offer over 25 scents so there is a fragrance for every nose.  Everyone has a favorite scent which can take them back to a memory and I love hearing those stories when they smell my candles.  My soy candles burn cleanly and release the scent throughout your house and illuminate your space with a soft glow.

Here are some of my recommendations for Mother’s day…if she loves floral scents, we have Gardenia, Bird of Paradise, or Heavenly Plumeria.  If she loves herbal scents, we have Mediterranean Fig.  Our clean scents include Zen and High Cotton.  And if Mom loves fruity, we have Cielo, Sangria, Spanish Melon, or Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper.
I am offering a Mother’s Day bundle to the shoppers at Handmade on Main of an 8 oz candle, a 22 oz candle, and 2 wax melts for a 20% discount now through May 9th.  Coupon code BEARANDROO20 .  Come in to smell the candles today!”

Available here: https://handmadeonmainboerne.com/collections/bear-roo-candle-company



Plus snacks from Doubleside Toffee Company, sweets from A Touch of Elegance Cakery, hot sauces from Texas Hill Country Hot Sauce, plants from Crazy Plant Lovee, ceramics from ECB Designs, tea towels and gift sets from Paisley Charm Creations, and signs from Rustic Cache Design Company!!!

All available on our Handmade on Main website too!  Here: https://handmadeonmainboerne.com/collections

And don’t forget to add a card!


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