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Market 1023

  This happened quickly! I was planning a full weekend in the College Station area. We were hoping that our camper would be finished. I had made reservations at Lake Somerville. We were spending all day Saturday at the Museum of the American GI, for their Living History Weekend. I had found a cute restaurant… Read more »

Camp Drunken Arrow

Last year I was a sponsor.  But this year I got to be a sponsor AND a camper! So…. My adventure began a few weeks ago, when I had to start sterilizing jars and taking inventory of my ingredients.  Having everything ready, I got to work making dozens of fresh lip balms, healing salves, body… Read more »

Camp Well

So, there was an inspirational and uplifting four-day camp in Fredericksburg last month.  And our body scrubs and healing salves attended!  😉     Camp Well is described as: “Camp Well will be four days of the perfect balance of workshops, breakout sessions, one on one mentor sessions, an outdoor experiences that will be the… Read more »

The Mill

I discovered The Mill in Cibolo just a few weeks after they began posting on instagram.  I was intrigued by their 1929 lumber mill remodel; I was anxious to hear about what was going inside the building; I was loving the beautiful reclaimed materials that they were using!  By July of 2016 they had opened… Read more »


I was approached by Shapeshifters a few months ago, with a sweet and enthusiastic e-mail.  I quickly learned all about this new business in Boerne, could see that the owners had a passion for other small local businesses, and knew a great partnership was going to unfold.   The owners, Hank and Pamela Hattoy, stopped… Read more »

My Texas Market!

First, I have to start with that it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged?!  Life got busy! Especially with also owning a children’s portrait business, things have been crazy this holiday season! But I’m happy to be back at it.  I’m happy that I set aside this time to make it happen. And I’m happy… Read more »

The Boerne Handmade Market

I started the business during the summer of 2013.  Right away, I signed up for a booth at the Boerne Handmade Market that October.  So you could say, BHM really helped us kick off our business with a bang! The first market was fun and exhausting.  Since no one had heard of us before, we… Read more »

Camp Drunken Arrow

A camp for grown ass women?!  A fun, adult, drunken, and crafty throwback to summer camp?!  I was all over that!  But I missed the deadline to sign up and attend.  🙁 So I found another way to participate.  From Scratch Farm became an official sponsor of the Saturday morning hangover bar.  Along with some… Read more »

My Texas Market

A brilliant market subscription/gift box company based right here in Texas!   The legend goes, that the products are hand-picked from the owners…. straight from farmers markets, local businesses, and Texas artisans.  And each month there’s a theme to the items they’re selecting for the box.  You can put all your trust in these experts,… Read more »