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GUEST POST! By Candice Curry

I am so excited to go live with our next guest blog post!    And while I assumed her post was going to be about her involvement with Alamo City Moms Blog, her book (The Con Man’s Daughter, which I loved), her spiritual journey (the “Jesus is my jam” phrase makes me think of her,… Read more »

Boerne Diva Night!

This evening took months of planning for us local retailers.  Some blood, sweat, tears… and a lot of love. And the evening went like so: The check-in stations at Dienger Trading Company and The Flower Shop opened up right at 5:00.  The first 100 ladies at each station got to check in and register to… Read more »

Boerne Handmade Market!!!

I am still sore this morning.  And still SO thrilled.  Wanna shout from the rooftops how wonderful it was to see so many friendly faces and meet so many new people, to have sales like never before, to have a little helper who really wanted to be there with me! I guess the whole story… Read more »

The Kendall County Fair

Another fair in the books!  More fun had, more memories made, more accomplishments, more prize ribbons! The weekend started with me sneaking over to the fairgrounds to check the big chunk of our entries.  It was a great kickstart to the fun! I did well.  My chocolate muffins won third place.  My pineapple cake won… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- South Padre Island

We did it again!  Our annual beach trip to South Padre! Lots of sand, sun, and sea.  Froyo every day.  A fun outing.  Lots of great food.  And not a single lick of sunburn. How do I do it?  Careful planning, budgeting, packing, routine, and sunscreen!     Where do we stay? Every year, it’s Seabreeze… Read more »

Our Magical History Tour!

I’ll start with the fact that the trip still had me programmed to get up super early yesterday.  But I quickly went back to bed for a two-hour nap.  And today I slept until 9:00, laid in bed watching TV until 1:00.  Hoping I’m now recovered… But the story begins over a year ago, when… Read more »

You Do It Suet

Not that I ever poured grease/fat down our drains!  But, I can’t tell you how much more I love making homemade seed cakes, rather than dealing with the hassle of containing and throwing away the leftovers! I discovered You Do It Suet several months ago, as they started following us on instagram.  I quickly took… Read more »


It’s time for new product pictures!  And we’d love to use some friendly faces!  If you’ve been following us, are a fellow blogger, have a relationship with us, love our products, are one of our favorite customers, wear our t-shirts, etc… we would love to use you!  (we need individuals AND groups of 2 or… Read more »

The Free Hugs Project

I wish today was a normal day.  I wish there was nothing special about it.  But…. Instead, it’s a day that most of us will remember forever.  It’s a day that most of us will reflect on what we were doing on this very day 15 years ago. All of our stories matter.  But I… Read more »

Kendall County Fair!!!

Sadly, we didn’t have any chickens to enter into the fair this year.  But we didn’t walk away without ribbons!   I decided to enter the baking competition again. My mint chocolate cookies are some of my favorites.  Love them still, even though they didn’t win.   My pumpkin muffins recipe is delicious.  But I… Read more »