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TRAVEL TEXAS- Chalk Bluff Park and Krause Springs

Just wrapped up the first two camping trips of the year.  Of course, they were supposed to be in our new vintage camper.  Instead, I was in a tent.  But that’s another story… The first location we tried out was Chalk Bluff.  I had heard about it (and its crystal-clear waters and beautiful bluffs) for… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- Ox Ranch & Drive Tanks!!!

This was our third Christmas without gifts, our third Christmas to celebrate experiences and our family. Two years ago was Galveston and Moody Gardens.  Last year was Waco, Cameron Park Zoo, and the Magnolia Silos. This year was something that fit the bill for the animal-lover, photographer, and military-obsessed genes in all of us. Our… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- Hamilton Pool

It has been over two years since I heard about (and have started dreaming about) Hamilton Pool.  Nestled into our beautiful Texas hill country, it seemed like such an incredible little oasis.  But I let that first summer slip by.  Disappointed but curious, I went ahead and just planned on a day of hiking and… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- Happy Camper

Evan has asked me on a couple of occasions, “Mom, You like old things, don’t you?”  Yep.  I love old furniture and homes.  I love adding vintage touches around our house and yard.  I kinda love old people.  I’ve always wanted to own a vintage Ford Mustang.  And I dream of antique campers.  When we were… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- Son’s Island

I had fallen in love with the place just through photos on instagram.  So I couldn’t wait to go.  Made reservations for Mother’s Day, invited my parents, and planned the weekend.   The island is a 3.5 acre island in the middle of Lake Placid in Seguin.  An easy-access spot right off of I-10, you… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- The Jersey Barnyard

This was our third visit to The Jersey Barnyard, and it was still a little bit of a magical experience!   Yes, the drive is long.  And it can get a little dirty.  But where else can you enjoy all these cute farm animals, eat some Blue Bell ice cream, shop, and bottle-feed a calf… Read more »

Peggy’s on the Green

Everyone that lives here in Boerne knows the town is rich in history.  One big part of that history is Ye Kendall Inn.  Established in 1859, it started out as a homestead with extra rooms that the owners rented out to horsemen and stagecoach travelers.  Through the years (and many owners), the inn has been… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- Sea World San Antonio

Even though this isn’t a typical Travel Texas article, and we really didn’t have to travel far to Sea World, I thought it should be highlighted for anyone that is looking for a cool travel destination.  And if you’re an animal-lover like us, you’ll want the scoop on these opportunities. The first time I saw… Read more »


Our first day in Waco was a long one! The weather was perfect for our first stop- a picnic in Cameron Park.  We sat and ate sandwiches under the trees and beautiful Texas sky. Then we walked on over to the zoo.  Economical to get in… and a sight to see!  The 52-acre Cameron Park… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- The Farmhouse at Stoney Hill Ranch

I discovered and enjoyed another airbnb gem, nestled in some farmland just outside of Waco! After a three hour drive from Boerne, we pulled up to the gate to the property… and then up to the farmhouse.  We took a quick “Ooh!  Look at this!  Eek!  Look in here!” run-through of the house.  And then… Read more »