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GUEST POST! By Summer Poole

I am so excited to go live with our next guest blog post!   By a fellow mom and businesswoman… and a friend! I can’t recall exactly when we first met.  But I do remember the first time we worked together.  Knowing that I had a booth at the Outdoor Family Fair, and not having a… Read more »

Our Magical History Tour!

I’ll start with the fact that the trip still had me programmed to get up super early yesterday.  But I quickly went back to bed for a two-hour nap.  And today I slept until 9:00, laid in bed watching TV until 1:00.  Hoping I’m now recovered… But the story begins over a year ago, when… Read more »

There’s An Oil For That!!!

Is there really, you may ask?  I think so!  At least, for our day-to-day needs!   I’ll start with how I discovered essential oils.  It was during my “googling” several years ago, to learn more about raising chickens, collecting rainwater, and making homemade body products.  Along with many articles I found, I was also finding… Read more »

Camp Well

So, there was an inspirational and uplifting four-day camp in Fredericksburg last month.  And our body scrubs and healing salves attended!  😉     Camp Well is described as: “Camp Well will be four days of the perfect balance of workshops, breakout sessions, one on one mentor sessions, an outdoor experiences that will be the… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- Son’s Island

I had fallen in love with the place just through photos on instagram.  So I couldn’t wait to go.  Made reservations for Mother’s Day, invited my parents, and planned the weekend.   The island is a 3.5 acre island in the middle of Lake Placid in Seguin.  An easy-access spot right off of I-10, you… Read more »

GUEST POST! By JoAnn Schroeder

Did you know that May 1st was National Chocolate Parfait Day?!  Just found that out, as I was getting ready to post this week’s guest blog post!  But this is no ordinary chocolate parfait recipe that I’m about to share.  Why, you ask?  Because it was submitted by our very own children’s dental office!  😉… Read more »

GUEST POST! By Courtney Mosier

I’m excited to go live with our next guest blog post!  And one by someone I love following on instagram! The funny thing is, she’s not a business.  She doesn’t teach me how to be a better entrepreneur, expose me to new recipes, keep me up to date with what’s happening around Boerne, or let… Read more »

GUEST POST! By Sarah Keeling

I’m so excited to have our first guest blog post!  And one by someone I SO admire! We’ve been following each other’s accounts on instagram for a while, have participated in the same Boerne Handmade Market, even tried to pull off a Small Business Saturday event together.  But this is the first time we’ve really… Read more »

TRAVEL TEXAS- The Jersey Barnyard

This was our third visit to The Jersey Barnyard, and it was still a little bit of a magical experience!   Yes, the drive is long.  And it can get a little dirty.  But where else can you enjoy all these cute farm animals, eat some Blue Bell ice cream, shop, and bottle-feed a calf… Read more »

Peggy’s on the Green

Everyone that lives here in Boerne knows the town is rich in history.  One big part of that history is Ye Kendall Inn.  Established in 1859, it started out as a homestead with extra rooms that the owners rented out to horsemen and stagecoach travelers.  Through the years (and many owners), the inn has been… Read more »